31 Day Fat Loss Cure By Vic Magary Review – Is It A Scam?

31 day fat loss cure review written by Vic Magary

In writing this 31 day fat loss cure review, I had to take some time and think about it because this is quite a weird fat loss book and I had a hard time categorizing and reviewing it.

When I first saw its title, I thought that it was clearly just another fat loss cure book in the huge pile of internet dieting.

Let’s see if the 31 day fat loss cure is really a genuine book or just another scam:

I like the fact that Vic Magary tried to make a book that was practical for everyone, hence the body weight training program nicely put together.

After a quick thought, the best segment in which I could introduce this book was as a bodyweight training program that has a generalized diet guidelines.

If you’ve tried fat loss books until now, you should know that just going by the author’s pictures when deciding if you want to try it or not, is generally a losing game.

At least, I know that I bought over 20 books just because of their cover, because I liked the way the author or model looked and when I read and tried them, I was mostly disappointed with the results – they were nowhere near the promises.

Heck, if I were to decide if I would buy this book or no, based on how the author looks, I would definitely buy it BUT we won’t do the same common mistake of deciding too fast before we actually see what’s inside:

vic-magary from 31 day fat loss cure book

I like the way Vic Magary put together all the information on bodyweight workout plan and dieting, getting a neat looking book that is easy to read.

Of course, making the 31 day fat loss cure a pleasant read is important but the information is what it can make the difference between just another time wasting book or one that will get you to a similar six pack as Vic.

Let’s See What The Book Is Comprised Off:

Vic starts with a section of question and answers in which he gives general training and dieting advice based on certain questions.

I like this approach and I believe that it makes a great read but I still spotted some common misconceptions.

Some advice he gives is yet unjustified, things like: 

  • Don’t eat diary because it causes greater weight gain – in fact, diary is just another macro nutrient that contains a certain amount of calories and diary per se is NOT responsible for weight gain but total daily caloric intake is
  • He doesn’t give any caloric calculating formulas or recommendations – he basically tells us that he eats whatever he wants and doesn’t calculate calories (this is not applicable to the general population because most people need something practical and the usual advice: eat less, just as written in this book is not effective)
  • The post workout training window in which he states that there are just 45 minutes to take advantage of the “opportunity” but there’s no genuine available research study to back this up.

I’ve been eating even 2-3 hours after the workout and didn’t observed any negative effect on body composition.

There are a few more but mostly related to nutrition in general.

The workout chapters are segmented as follows:

  1. A bodyweight training program of 31 days specifically for beginners
  2. A gym workout program of 31 days specifically for beginners
  3. An intermediate-advanced 31 days bodyweight training program
  4. An intermediate-advanced 31 days  gym training program

I like the fact that he gives downloadable videos for each exercise but you can find them for free on youtube and I could pretty much find better ones available.

I don’t really like his exact programming or the exact exercises and also the fact that you don’t really have a progression system in place. 

You just do them over and over again on the same fixed recommendations – not good enough.

They sure make a nice sweat though..

There’s also a recommended supplements section in which he gives good recommendations I might say, basically, they are almost  the same recommendations I give here.

The End Of 31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review – Do I Recommend It?

Well, I can pretty much say that the 31 day fat loss cure program by Vic Magary is a simple bodyweight training book that has nothing special when compared to the usual free information you can find on the internet.

Also, because his nutritional recommendations are outdated and he doesn’t give a specific plan of action when it comes to dieting, I must put this book on a pass.

The bodyweight training programs are alright but you can find them for free just by googleing.

For me, it was a fast read and it didn’t really thought me anything new or of value but there are better alternatives out there that make fat loss even easier, compared to this program.

I made a top list of the best books on dieting I’ve ever read and you can find it by clicking here.

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