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marinas-florin-front-picture nobsbb.comI am not here to show off or try to be just another ignorant “fitness guru” that tries to bullshit you into believing I have the secret to your dream body.

I am here to give you my personal experience when it comes to bodybuilding and I hope I will do a good job in helping you succeed at what you want to achieve. (I put a picture on my words).

Whether it’s about product reviews, strength training, fat loss, muscle gaining, supplement reviews – this blog will help you! I publish transparent articles and case studies like no one in the industry (I actually take the time to analyze and test products and what I say).

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Real And Transparent Reviews

Here are some examples of products that are full of nonsense. I just want to show you that I actually take the time to do these reviews, and I care of your actual success: Transparent book review: Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Review Transparent supplement review:

Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock Review

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What Other People’s Are Saying

Thanks again for informing people of these scams and “gurus” that just pray on desperate people. I’m sure one day someone will reward you for all your hard work and effort :) – Andrew Wesley

I just finished your book and I am very impressed and commend you on making it simple and easy to read. You have a fantastic physique you can be really proud of. Inspiring! – Jay Schesser Your site and your articles are great. – Arsal Asif Thanks for the encouragement. I am keen and I really want to succeed.  – Sarah Powell

About Marinas Florin

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Welcome everyone, I’m Florin,  a 23 24 years old dude that got to a lean state (that comes with the usual six pack). I am not another bodybuilding “guru” or fat loss “expert” as many of these people are calling themselves BUT I am able to help anyone lose fat/gain muscle/gain strength and reach that leaner state just like myself (or even better).

I started this blog because I consider there is too much bullshit on the internet, regarding bodybuilding. Even people that are experienced can fall into the trap of some “guru” that “discovers” a new method or pill. I learnt to filter the information found on the internet by trial and error.

Believe me, I’ve done some really weird stuff when it comes to dieting and training. All of this because I’ve “heard” that some “guru” did this and got those huge biceps and 8 pack abs (syringes with some sweet substance anyone?). The result of all these? Getting the knowledge to diet and train in the right way for fat loss, muscle gaining or strength gain… BUT? It was a long road…

My Story

Before I started bodybuilding, I oscillated from skinny to fat and back haphazardly (you can’t imagine what kind of nicknames I’ve had).  In a strange way, I liked the way I looked at that time. To tell you the truth, in the past, I spent most of my day drinking with my friends in town or playing computer games. That was all I wanted to do at that time and frankly, I was happy the way I was looking at that time.

Going to the gym was the last thing on my mind. I even had a cousin that was trying to get me into a gym (I think he didn’t liked the way I looked either). If you don’t take care of your body, you will invariably put it in a bad shape. Believe me, it’s way easier to avoid getting there than it is fixing it (Or at least that’s what I’ve heard all the time until I had enough and tried to change that).

I started taking action by going to the gym, and trying to eat better. It was the best thing that happened to me because I feel better, I look better and I made this sport a part of my life forever!

Click here to read my story in detail, including how I got started and how I managed to get on the right path

So Why The No Bullshit Bodybuilding Website ?

The reason is simple. I want to be as transparent with you as possible with everything I learnt, applied and worked for me and my clients. I want to give you all I know so you can use this advice and get your body to look better. I am not trying to tell you that I’m a guru or show off with my body as this is not my purpose at all.

I just want to help you from my experience (failures and successes), reach your goal. Be it fat loss, muscle gaining, strength training or even be a better person. Even if you don’t go to a gym at the moment or tried to diet but you are considering this option to reach a better body, it’s still good because you can see what it involves, what are the result you can get from applying a no bullshit approach to training and dieting.

Please read this carefully because it’s important: Again, I don’t consider myself an online fat loss/muscle gaining “guru”. The way I train, diet and try to be a better person are not “secretz”. Or some “lose 60 pounds in 30 minutes” stuff. I only try to give out valuable advice you can use right away to help you progress.

This is the main reason why you won’t see here any advertisements with “wonder” pills, weight loss “guru’s” or general courses/books that are just nonsense. This doesn’t mean that I try to hide something valuable from you – far from it! I will only recommend something in which I truly believe.

And which will work no matter what and give you quality results without fluff. Getting lean, packing some muscles on your frame or just gaining some strength will take some time. The difference between you and the average Joe is just how much time it will take. Hopefully, with my help, you will get to look better, faster. I hope I will succeed in helping you to get leaner, faster and stronger in the quickest way possible.

No Nonsense Bodybuilding