No BS Anabolic Cooking Review

anabolic cooking book cover reviewWhat is a diet without a good recipe ?” – just made this up right now but if you think about it, it’s partially true because a good meal can make your thoughts or mental problems disappear even if that is until you finish destroying the food on the plate.

I like cooking BUT I just love eating the food I cook and if that food happens to be really delicious without too much effort, it’s like dreaming…

I do it because it’s a part of my life and everybody’s life if you think about it so why not make it more enjoyable, more easy and faster? (I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen reading through huge recipe books just like they made them in the 50’s).

The real truth is that I mostly cook regular foods like eggs, potatoes, milk with oatmeal, some pastas, chicken breast and the list continues but I don’t want to bore you too much.

Once in a while, I might have some interest in trying something different so the first thing I did before I put my hands on anabolic cooking, was to search on the internet some delicious recipes that were easy to cook, not too much text to read or sound too complicated, and let’s not forget, good tasting.

Sometimes I was successful in finding something that I really liked, sometimes the recipe really wasted my time, sometimes it was plain awful.

Anabolic Cooking Review

Dave Ruel BodybuilderSo one day as I searched for a good protein bar recipe, I stumbled upon anabolic cooking book that had this section so I became interested.

I searched for anabolic cooking reviews but there were not so many because it’s simply a cookbook and cookbooks don’t have many reviews in general.

I saw that it was written by a bodybuilder named Dave Ruel and instantly I thought about blend foods with no taste like: chicken breast with rice.

What I discovered was something else for my surprise.

I took my chance and got it (it was also cheap and had so many recipes that I thought why bother searching for recipes when I can have all I need in just one book )

The first recipe that I tested was the High Protein Granola Bars and I must say that they were delicious!

I did 12 huge protein bars in approximately 35 minutes that were both tasty and practical and I stored them in my fridge so I could use them whenever I needed.

Not even talking about the chicken recipes – plain awesome !

What Do You Get In Anabolic Cookbook

  1. Easy to understand recipes (No fluff presentation)
  2. I could literally start going to the grocery store to get what I need fast as the book details every ingredient needed
  3. I had the nutritional facts calculated for each recipe so the job of taking the weight of each ingredient disappeared
  4. I just had over 200 recipes to skim into and try everyday
  5. Tasty results

You can find it at the best price: here


  1. Nice variety with meal plans ranging from 1000 calories to 5000 calories (good for fat loss or bulking, depending on what you want) – even if I don’t really agree with all this meal plan idea
  2. A Book about the supplement industry (a good read)
  3. Other bonuses mentioned inside

Take a look for yourself just how well the recipes are presented:


As easy as it gets and so you can start right away just like me

Take a look at the chapters

anabolic cooking chapters review

The chapters don’t require explanation because they are self-explanatory.


I hope you liked my anabolic cooking ebook review and the final answer is that this is a good recipe book that has over 200 tasty recipes which are well put and easy to understand (under 1 minute per recipe to understand it) plus you also get the nutritional value of each recipe which is a huge time saver.

The BS meter in this book is low and I definitely recommend you to try it.

This is the official page where you can get the book from at the best price by clicking here.

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