Arginine Supplements, Side Effects, Foods And Benefits

how arginine works

How “it should” work

Arginine is just an amino acid that was first isolated as a compound in 1886 by a Swiss chemist named Ernst Schultze, from a lupin seedling.

Anyhow, we are mostly interested to see if this compound works as a potent stimulator as advertised in certain supplements (Nitric oxide booster, pump provider and many more).

Arginine For Fat Burning

There’s no available, peer reviewed and genuine research study that can prove arginine as a good weight loss supplement.

Its main usage is as a NO product that should increase nitric oxide levels, providing a pump or “wood” but it actually breaks down quite fast in the body and its effects don’t last long.

Viagra on the other hand works perfectly on long term, keeping “the pump” because it keeps the enzyme that breaks down the nitric oxide, blocked. Exellent effects I might say :D.

Anyways, getting a pump is useless with regards to body composition – it’s just a nice psychological motivational thinggie..

Arginine Rich Foods

Foods that are high in arginine content are poultry, fish, meat, grains, wheat germs, nuts, seeds and dairy products – so by even looking at what foods contain arginine, you probably get enough from your diet.

Arginine Side Effects

Plenty of studies showed that arginine is safe to use without any major side effects BUT there are potential side effects for some people and can include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, gout and also cause breathing problems for people that have asthma (well, if you have asthma, don’t use stimulants).

Pregnant women SHOULD NOT take arginine supplements without consulting with their doctor!

What Research States

Searching for available studies (1, 2, 3, 4), most of the genuine ones I could find show that there’s no correlation between using Arginine and getting a pump or just a slight one and most people that use it report little to any effects.


I would most likely just get a carbohydrate and protein drink and pray for the pump if you don’t usually get it or just sleep better, eat better and “train for the pump”

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