Final Research Conclusion On Aspartame Side Effects, Dangers And Cancer

aspartame replacing sugar - side effects, dangersI find it very disturbing that many people nowadays believe that aspartame is a very dangerous compound that should be avoided with all costs.

The anti-aspartame movements spread misinformation in the artificial sweeteners area and make people worry about giving a try to a good alternative to table sugar when trying to get a nice caloric deficit.

We’ve heard stories that aspartame causes side effects that go from blindness in your eyes, tinnitus, severe noise intolerance, depression, irritability, palpitations, high blood pressure, menstrual changes, loss of diabetes control, burning during urination, birth defects, EMD, Lyme disease and so on (the full of fluff list is so huge that your eyes would get a side effect from reading all the BS).

Now, before we dispel this myth, let’s take a look at one of the most common artificial sweeteners that you can find on the market today:  aspartame

Aspartame is made up of phenylalanine and aspartic acid (which are both amino acids) with an ester bond on it. This sweetener was discovered by mistake when a chemist did an experiment in which he combined the aspartic acid with phenylalanine and when he tasted it, he observed that the compound had a sweet flavor.

Aspartame Characteristics

  • No calories (no protein, carbs or fat)
  • One hundred and sixty times more sweet than sucrose
  • Found in soft and diet drinks
  • Supposed to be an issue for individuals that have phenylketonuria (the contrary has been demonstrated in a study)
  • Safe for diabetics – doesn’t influence insulin levels

If you search on the internet, you can find many websites that are still making accusations that aspartame is a dangerous sweetener that should be avoided with all cost because you can get brain tumor, heart attack, cancer and many more diseases (I’ve listed too many of the BS diseases that you “can get” by ingesting aspartame) and they have no solid data to prove it.

Quite the contrary, there are many studies done that studied the effects of aspartame in human body and every one of them proved that aspartame is a safe “ingredient” to be used in our daily lives.

Even if you don’t see the studies (you will see them in a moment), can you explain how two amino acids which are found basically in almost every food that you eat can be dangerous to your health ?

It’s like saying, meat gives us brain tumor, cancer and other BS.

The simple and real truth is that aspartame is one of the most studied chemicals and has an outstanding safety declared profile with the acceptable daily intake of 40mg/kg.

Here are only some of the studies about aspartame “side effects” or “dangers” like “cancer” which prove that aspartame is a good choice as an artificial sweetener.

  1. In this study, the conclusion was that aspartame should not be restricted at all external link to study
  2. Aspartame is safe to use with no questions external link to study
  3. When research on aspartame was evaluated, it was found to be safe external link to study
  4. Safety of the aspartame use by humans external link to study
  5. Aspartame safe for consumption even in quantities of over 10 L of beverages per day external link to study
  6. Safe for all population external link to study
  7. Even in bigger amounts that many people often consume, aspartame is safe external link to study

And if it were for you to search all the available studies, it would take many days to read them all and for a final conclusion you will reach the final answer: ASPARTAME IS AS SAFE AS IT GETS!

If it were by me, I would recommend every person that drinks soda or sugar sweetened drinks to ditch them all and go for the diet soda, sugar free or water drinks.

If it were to evaluate what nutrition we get from these beverages, the absolute result would be null, so instead of getting all the warm and cozy sugar along with the calories, the best thing that we can do is to avoid them and go for the diet version of the beverage.

I just remembered to mention that there are people that drink let’s say, at least 2 liters of soda per day in which case if the normal beverage would be used, that would add approximately 900 calories and this is just from this zero nutritional “food”.

Imagine that person losing weight on a 2000 calories/day diet. Drinking 900 calories only from this beverage would be overkill for his diet because the remaining calories that he could consume (1100) couldn’t possibly keep him satiated or even having a balanced diet.

Question: Aspartame or other artificial sweeteners slow fat loss?

Answer: No

Question: Aspartame slows down your metabolism?

Answer: No

Question: Does aspartame cause headaches? I drink 2-4 liters of diet coke per day.

Answer: No.

Question: Aspartame causes liver damage ?

Answer: Couldn’t find anything that proves it causes it

Ending my aspartame conclusion, these dogmatic claims are similar to those of the general issue of “5 foods to never eat

What are your thoughts on aspartame? Do you use it in your quest to lose fat OR just as a healthier sugar alternative?

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  1. here is a very recent review from 2013 of aspartame from EFSA, the european food safety authority:

    They conclude with “The Panel concluded from the present assessment of aspartame that there were no safety concerns at the current ADI of 40 mg/kg bw/day.”

    • Thanks for the reference martinus. Consuming those quantities of aspartame would be unlikely for general population and looking at the study they also concluded:”consumer exposure to aspartame is below this ADI”

  2. Hey very nice blog!

  3. Here is a link to a study that found detrimentel effects on the kidneys, due to artificial sweetneers:

    Beware of industry funded clinical studies. Always find independently funded ones. A clinical study funded by the manufacturer of the product that is being examined, should not be trusted. It’s all about $. Profits over people. Check out the 60 Minutes segment on aspartame.

    The FDA is completely crooked, and should not be trusted either.

    Better alternatives to aspartame are xylitol, food grade vegetable glycerin, lo han gao, and stevia.

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