Workout Buddy X Review – Genuine Or A Scam?

Usually, I don’t really try to do video reviews of home training programs but this one really made me curious. Let’s see their description: Created by 4 world class trainers (1 kettlebell master /functional training specialist, 1 boot camp instruction, 1 Fitness America Champion + 1 certified yoga instructor), our subscription based online fitness club […]

Force Factor 2 Reviews – A Transparent Supplement Review

My force factor 2 review will be as transparent as possible. Disclaimer: this review is my own opinion on the product based on available research studies and people reporting using it The force factor 2 is sold as a potent pre workout supplement, created with the intention of building strength and power (or so they […]

Force Factor Review – An Unbiased Supplement Review

This force factor review is transparent and it has not been funded by anyone – as you will see, I will fully disclose this product. What is Force Factor? Like his newer brother named Force Factor 2, this older version is a NO supplement which means nitric oxide supplement and it is mainly used as […]

The Real Benefits And Side Effects Of Yerba Mate Weight Loss Tea

What is yerba mate? Also known as Ilex paraguariensis by her scientific name, it is a plant that is commonly called mate and it is mostly consumed in South America, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay. The first people that started cultivating it were Guarani people. Where is it found? This plant is mainly cultivated and processed in […]

Why Using Safflower Oil For Weight loss Is Nonsense

Plenty people believe that using safflower oil specifically for weight loss or suppressing appetite is a good thing because it’s cheap, available and his effects sound good. Safflower oil is made from safflower which is herbaceous annual plant that is mainly cultivated for vegetable oil extraction. Did you know that the safflower plant is basically […]

Are There Any Antidepressants That Cause Weight Loss?

I believe that it’s a little weird that people interested in weight loss started searching for antidepressants that cause weight loss because the main usage for this pills is for depression, anxiety and panic attack treatment. Nonetheless, I won’t talk about these specific issues here because the main subject now, is about antidepressants and possible […]

Lose Weight Without Dieting: The Truth Once And For All

Finding a method or practical application to a guide that could help you lose weight without dieting would be as close to the holy grail of fat loss as possible. Well, if you take some time and actually search around on the internet for methods that “should” help you do that, you will find 100’s […]

I Will Teach You How To Stop Being Desperate To Lose Weight And Start Losing It From Now On

With obesity being one of the principal death factors in the world with just United States accounting for 100.000-400.000 deaths/year, I can understand why people are starting to be desperate to lose weight. I can also understand why most people are not losing weight. Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes I can relate this to my past mistakes […]