Do You Know Why The Baby Food Diet Was A FAIL From Start?

baby food diet memeI can seriously admit that the first time I’ve heard about this diet, it made me laugh so hard that I almost had a laugh crisis.

Baby food diet? – what’s next?

Aligator food diet?

Anyways, let’s see what’s up with this diet..

The baby food diet was created by a celebrity trainer names Tracy Anderson – celebrity diets are almost always a bad idea because they are fad diets – one exception to this rule that I’ve found some time ago was Kelly osbourne’s diet.

She actually made some good points regarding how a diet should be done, you can check it in the link I provided.

Back to the baby food diet, this diet became a fad one when rumors were spread and many celebrities started using it as a weight loss solution – I saw some weight loss before and after photo’s but I doubt these celebrities only use this diet to get results and you’ll see why I say this..

Baby Food Diet Deconstruction

This diet is weird because the only thing you need to do is to replace any two of your normal meals with some jars of pureed baby food.

I almost forgot: your third meal should also be something low calorie.

The daily caloric restriction of this diet is around 500-600 calories – you can pretty much guess why you are losing weight on a diet like this which is basically a caloric restriction diet just like the cabbage soup diet

While there’s no evidence that can show this diet as an effective weight loss solution, the reality is that you basically lose weight because you reduce your caloric intake to such a low count that your body doesn’t have what to do but to shed some weight.

The dangerous part of this diet is that all this baby food you are eating doesn’t really give you enough nutrients like vitamins and minerals which we, adults, require so it’s really not a long term solution to dieting – I would categorize it as nonsense from start but some people need a nice explanation as why it is that..

I don’t really know how much you could stay on such a diet because you will basically eat tasteless baby food all day long.

While Tracy Anderson is NOT a doctor or nutritionist, she makes positive claims regarding this diet just because her clients successfully lost weight on it – well, we talked about reasons why you are losing weight on this baby food diet nonsense.

Tracy Anderson also states that this diet will detoxify your digestive system and break your bad eating habits but as I already demonstrated, all these detox diets are a fad (I talked about detoxing in detail in my master cleanse diet review article), this diet is also categorized as a fad diet.


The Baby food diet is basically yet another calorie restricted diet that is in no way different from other fat diets and it’s not a healthy solution to a good diet.

Good diets are comprised of sound nutritional and training advice that will help you lose fat in a quick and healthy way.

I made a top of the best diet books here and you can also take a look at my no nonsense flexible diet.

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