Bee Pollen Weight Loss Pills – Another “Superfood” That Hits The Dust?

bee pollen weight loss pillsDid you know that bee pollen was used as a food for many centuries?

There is evidence dating back to 2735 BC showing that people considered bee pollen to have nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

The honey bee’s therapeutic and nutritional values were praised even in The Bible, The Torah, The Koran, in ancient Rome, Greece writings, and even in the Book of Mormon.

Pliny the Elder, Pythagoras, and Hippocrates also known as the fathers of Western medicine, often prescribed bee pollen to their patients because of their healing qualities.

Alright, enough with history for now. Let’s get right into fat loss.

What About Bee Pollen Weight Loss Pills?

Supplement companies are always on the hunt for weight loss ingredients to base their products on. The more hype on a certain ingredient, the better.

There are many types of bee pollen weight loss pills, but I won’t specify any of them here because these findings apply to any bee pollen weight loss pills supplements that claim fat loss.

Let’s see the most frequent claims supplement companies make about bee pollen:

  • Some supplement companies and people involved in bodybuilding  state that bee pollen is a natural compound that should help you lose weight, control the weight loss, and also improve your metabolism. It is said that it improves your metabolism because it actually fixes a certain chemical imbalance
  • Bee pollen will help your body improve the conversion of sugar into energy by providing increased oxygen rates
  • Bee pollen (130 mg) can help you digest 3 lbs of food faster
  • It reduced hunger and cravings because it contains diuretics
  • If you take the pollen 30 minutes before you eat, it will help you with weight loss

Interesting claims. While there are many more claims, there’s no reason to list them all here. The end result is still the same.

Most of these claims are invented by supplement companies that try to sell you supplements containing bee  pollen. Of course, they will present it in a favorable light. Supplement companies try to make a profit and the best way to do that is to create hype.

When I tried to find out any research studies on bee pollen and metabolism or weight loss, there were none. No study that shows any relationship between bee pollen and weight loss.

In fact, there are reasons to worry about supplementing with pollen. Why?

There’s evidence that bee pollen can actually cause kidney failure.

It can also cause allergic reactions like anaphylaxis. If you are thinking about supplementing for weight loss, I would think twice.

There’s no evidence it helps with weight loss and there’s definitely the risk for allergic reactions.

You might be tempted to ask me: “Florin, I saw many positive testimonials about this product coming from people that said it worked for them…”.

Who can trust testimonials these days?

I mean, most testimonials are paid or people trying these products lose weight because of other factors like decrease caloric intake, increased energy expenditure, or many other reasons.

Have you used bee pollen weight loss pills? What are your thoughts about them?

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