Chinese Scientists Finally Discovered The Best Hangover Cure – It’s Not What You Think It Is

soda sprite is the best hangover cureEver drank too much and had a hard time getting up the next day or that next day was completely wasted because you couldn’t do anything productive?

You are not the only one believe me!

Did you know that there’s a study made on U.S. labor force that showed an estimation of 11.6 million workers as working with a hangover. What?

That’s almost 10% of all the labor force and if you ask me, that’s quite a lot.

Let’s not even dive into teen and student population because the added figures would get off charts.

For all of this, we need a good remedy and a team of chinese scientists discovered it.

So What’s The Best Hangover Cure?

Well, there are good news these days when it comes to curing a hangover.

Great discovery!

This team of researchers discovered that ingesting certain drinks after a hangover can have a positive or a negative effect on how you feel afterwards.

Some common hangover cures that are considered a “staple” can make you feel even worse but some cures that are not so known, can make you feel better as fast as saying cheese – well, not literally like that but you get the point.

While trying to discover the best hangover cure, this team of chinese scientists made some tests with several drinks and discovered that each one of them had different impact on relieving alcohol related symptoms.

I think that you already know that drinking excessive alcohol has both short and long term side effects.

The short term ones are the general drunk feeling and the long term ones can make you feel worse, vomit, cause liver disease, heart disease, cancer or stroke – scary indeed.

This is a more in depth explanation of the entire process but if you don’t feel like reading the entire process explanation, you can skip this part and see the conclusion bellow.

Let’s get into it:

Most of these adverse alcohol effects are thought to be caused not by ethanol but acetaldehyde which is considered the first ethanol’s metabolite.

After that, ethanol is metabolized in acetaldehyde with the help of an enzyme called ADH – alcohol dehydrogenase and then continuing to be transformed in acetate by ALDH – aldehyde dehydrogenase.

alcohol metabolic pathway

The difference between acetate and acetadehyde is that acetate is one of those compounds that may be responsible for the positive health benefits of alcohol consumption and acetadehyde responsible with the negative side.

So, logically, if we want to reduce almost any damage we can potentially suffer because of alcohol consumption, we need to minimize the time we keep acetaldehyde in our body.

How we do that?

Hua-Bin Li and his co-workers from the University of Sun Yat-Sen made a hypothesis that there are certain substances that can alter the activity of alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase which in turn will alter the duration of the “negative” stuff in your body.

They tested certain drinks and herbal infusions like: Huo ma ren, Hui yi su da shui, Xue bi, carbonated drinks known as soda water and Sprite.

What they founds was interesting at least:

Consuming Huo ma ren (a common hangover cure) actually increased alcohol related symptoms BUT the drinks that increased the ALDH activity and promoted the breakdown of acetaldehyde (the negative stuff), minimizing the alcohol effects, were Sprite, Soda water, Xue bi and Hui yi su da shui.

The most effective hangover cures effects were:

  1. Soda water
  2. Sprite
  3. The rest.


I will surely drink lots of Sprite cans next time I get drunk (I won’t forget to count my calories haha, I’ll keep them in check).

Alright, so we now know what breaks down the “negative” stuff, therefore what we need to drink to minimize the alcohol “after effects”.

What was the best hangover cure you used before you found out about this new study and will you use Sprite next time?

Let’s get a good laugh.


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