The Top 4 Muscle Building Books That Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lifetime

muscle gaining secrets 2.0 review
  • Rating: 5 stars rating
  • Written By: Jason Ferrugia
  • Last release: 2013

What You’ll Get From It:

  • You will 100% pack muscle mass if you use his advices
  • You will have more free time, train less, get more from your body
  • You will get rid of the common BS circulating in the fitness industry
  • Detailed muscle gaining information
  • Nicely programmed training routines

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bodybuilding revealed book
  • Rating: 4.5 stars rating
  • Written By: Will Brink
  • Last release: 2013

What You’ll Get From It:

  • A No Bs Approach to training and nutrition
  • You will learn the right way to diet (NO BS)
  • You will also learn how to train for muscle mass the right way
  • In the end, you will lose fat! – And gain muscle mass when bulking!

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I’m glad that I can filter and present you only the best muscle gaining books that really helped me, and other people put some weight and muscle.

I promise you that if you get any of these books, you will definitely gain muscle mass if you apply what you read.

It’s your choice but If you are like me and you want to avoid the bullshit when it comes to all these guru’s promoting shitty stuff, than this page is probably the one you seek.

If you have any questions about these books or you want advice, you can use the contact form or email me at florin (at) nobsbb (dot) com.

I will help you.

Now that you know the best muscle gaining ebooks, maybe you are interested in some books that are focused on losing fat..

Check out some of the best fat loss books:

The Best Fat Loss Ebooks

Also, the food that will be used for fat loss or muscle gaining needs to be cooked on some way, right?

I also created a page with the top books that will help you cook some delicious full of protein meals (hint- you also get whey protein recipes, easy/fast to do meals, etc.):

The Best Muscle And Fat Loss Cooking Books