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I wanted to help anyone stop wasting time and get real results with my compact list of the best muscle building supplements that I recommend and are proven to work by research and actual usage (I only recommend products that are of quality and actually work) –> click on the pyramid section you are interested and it will take you to the desired page.

I also made a top of the best dieting and training books but they will only get you so far. In order to get your nutrition spot on, you will most likely need some supplements to help you get an adequate protein intake, some additional recovery and also better overall health.

The area of supplements and nutrition is constantly changing and most supplements appear and disappear frequently (because most of them don’t really work so people are ditching them in favor of the ones that actually work).

I created this supplement pyramid so I can help you decide on what supplements you will use that should help you progress easier and faster.

If you’ve read my tutorials, you should know by now what you need to eat, how you need to train and more importantly what you need to avoid in order to stop wasting time.

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Alright, let me make a final statement before I explain each part of the pyramid:

All the supplements listed in each category are backed up by research and proven to work before I recommend them.

I am in no way promoting any specific company because if you are reading or start reading my articles, you should see that I offer complete transparency over every product, service or book I personally buy.

I made plenty of reviews: some are positive (for books that actually work) and some are negative (for all those guru’s that sell you a “magic bullet book” or “the secrets.. duh).

Alright so I’ll explain my personal best muscle building supplements pyramid:

Protein powder reviews – At the top of the pyramid I put protein powders because I consider this area of extreme importance for anyone wanting to progress for muscle building, fat loss, strength training or maintenance.

Anything that has to do with bodybuilding or even improving general health, needs higher protein intake and the most convenient way to achieve a high protein intake (current studies suggest an intake of 1-1.5 g/lb of protein intake and I sincerely wouldn’t go under 1g/lb) – remember, protein is the building block of muscle: having too little = slowed/sabotaged muscle building, fat loss or strength, having too much = well, no negative effect but at least you are sure your diet is in check.

You can also read a post of mine on how much protein you need to build muscle or maintain it while losing fat.

Vitamins And Minerals Supplements Reviews (I actually added fish oils and some other health supplements) – I consider this area of the pyramid important for general recovery enhancement and general health. By providing your body with all the vitamins and minerals, the required omega 3’s and also a special supplement that actually helps you lose fat (if your diet is in check!).

Don’t neglect vitamins and minerals because they should be a staple of anyone’s diet – I know I got mine in check by supplementing with a good multi vitamin and mineral.

The Best Pre-Workout Supplements Reviews – This area of the pyramid is a special one and the one that usually gets filled with crap.

What I want to tell you is that most people start recommending every kind of pre-workout supplements without actual research being done on the product itself or ingredients.

What this means is that you can get in the trap of buying expensive crap that doesn’t really give you any boost in gym performance, recovery or mood enhancement.

Just having a shiny bottle of “useless snake oil” won’t do jack for your progress and I don’t think you are a collector of shiny bottles with useless powder.

We want to avoid that so I made a top of the pre-workout supplements that actually work, give you an edge in gym and their ingredients are well researched.

Check it out now.

Muscle Growth And Recovery Supplements Reviews – This supplement area directly influences performance so I would definitely not skip it (I use all the supplements I list here).

I created the pyramid this way BUT the truth is that every product from every section will aid you!

Getting supplements from each area will not only give you an edge when training. It will ensure you are staying on track by motivating you do the job because you are actually investing in you, your body and your health.

Any kind of motivation and aid is a good thing in my book.

I am glad to be able to help everyone stop wasting their time with useless supplements.

I promise I will update every section if any new good supplement hits the market and that research proves  the ingredients it contains work.

I will personally test the products I recommend on me and my clients.

Some more motivation for everyone:

the best muscle building supplements motivation