Discover Why The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss Is The Cheapest

What is the best protein powder for weight lossThere are many kinds of protein powders on the market and new ones emerging everyday promising a different flavor, better taste, more protein etc.

It amazes me how much fluff and marketing is on the web for the average user who just starts out with this healthy way of living by going to the gym, eating better, taking supplements so by the time he seeks some information on, let’s say, supplements, there are only people promoting them for a quick buck and hiding the truth.

  • “BUT there are so many protein powders out there, what should I choose”
  • But what is the best protein powder for weight loss ?
  • Can we categorize a certain protein powder as the best for weight loss ?

First, let’s take a look at some common protein powders (just the nutritional facts, who releases them is unimportant)

As you can see from the images when comparing whey protein powder, casein protein powder, soy protein powder, milk protein powder and egg protein powder the common differences that are visible are as follow:

  1. Protein content
  2. Carbohydrate Content
  3. Fat Content
  4. CALORIES – if we were to rant about this, it’s simply amazing that every supplement company is forced to give us these stats along with the most important stat of them all (total calories).

Let’s put this question to an end once and for all by giving you the straight NO BULLS*IT answer:

As I further explained in this post, the most important thing at the end of the day is TOTAL CALORIC INTAKE.

Repeat after me the NO BS answer : total calorie intake dictates if you lose or gain weight and not some magical protein powder or super-duper-almighty-new supplement.

So the question “what is the best protein powder FOR WEIGHT LOSS” is not only BS but also potentially dangerous because many marketers and supplement companies try to exploit their customers when they pass the door asking exactly this question.

In their eyes, a person like this is just another wallet that can be emptied again and again and again because they will not only recommend you a protein powder based on what you want but they will try to push the newest and most expensive that they have because “it has a super-duper-new-formula added to it that will tone you down and help you lose weight”.

Now, of course, there are differences between different protein powders and after you read this, you should also want to know “what protein powder should I buy”.

Cheapest Protein Powder, Better?

Take a look at what changes here:




When comparing good ol’ whey protein isolate powder (which is awesome by itself by the way) unsweetened, plain and in regular bag VS whey protein isolate powder with some additional compounds that are not worth that much like vitamins, minerals, sweetener the price almost doubles.

Why should anyone pay almost double the price for some additional ingredients that if it were to buy them separately, in this case vitamins and minerals and some artificial sweetener, their price would be much lower.

If There Is No Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss, Then What should I Buy ?

Take a look at this picture and tell me what do you see

ingredients whey protein isolate plain - best protein powder for weight loss

Just save your money and buy the cheapest protein powder (whey, milk, egg, casein) that you can find and this will probably suffice. The single difference as you saw is only some additional plain useless compounds that bump the price and make them more expensive.

Don’t go with the big brands.

Just don’t.

The big branded supplement companies know how to make their products stand out when comparing to competition by employing models,  marketers and spokespeople that are just trying to sell you fluff and words.

Fancy packaging, some sweetener and a nice colored etiquette on the product is not worth doubling the price as you get exactly the same thing inside: protein powder.

The choice remains yours of course..

I can finally say that I found an awesome source from where I get my protein powder and I recommend it to you too: click here to see my protein powder reviews.

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