Best Supplements For Muscle Gain Without All The Nonsense

Best Supplements For Muscle Gain With Dumbells And PowdersThe question “what are the best supplements for muscle gain” haunts the internet everyday on forums, blogs, asking websites like yahoo answers, wiki answers and other big answering websites.

This question is such a big hit on the internet because of the humongous amount of advice that is generally so full of promotion and bullsh*t that you can’t separate the bad from the good, the truth from a lie.

Basically what happens here is: someone comes on a forum, asks this question and the answers he receive are so diverse that he cannot gauge what would be the best answer so the question still remains open in his head and for years any time he sees something related to “best supplement”, that person will get interested and seeks the answer again.

Supplement companies are just a piece of the puzzle here because they like to keep you putting this question and trying all kind of supplements in the quest of seeking the answer to the question “ what is the best supplement for muscle gain “.

Do These Best Supplements For Muscle Gain Even Work?

While the market of supplements specially made for “muscle gain” or better said specially marketed as muscle gain supplements is plain huge, most of the products, to your surprise, actually WORK !

The simple truth is that most of the muscle gain marketed supplements work because they have at least three ingredients that add to the total caloric intake of the day and thus promoting muscle growth indirectly.

These ingredients are: quality protein source, a carbohydrate source (most of the carbohydrate sources implemented in “muscle gaining supplements” are “fast acting carbohydrates” known as dextrose ) and a quality/sh*tty source of fat.

Now, back to my statement that “most of the muscle gain products work”, I say this because as explained, any source of calories added to your normal daily intake will have an effect on your body composition no matter what.

Many newbies that start going to the gym, after a while, they start seeking “the best supplements” for muscle gain and the problem is NOT that these supplements wouldn’t work; the problem is that the same newbie who starts taking these “muscle gaining supplements” will actually see results and promote a kind of supplement that he used in the beginning and worked for him as “the best muscle gaining supplement”.

What really happens here and the newbie doesn’t know:

Newbie is a normal person who doesn’t know anything about lifting weights or eating well so he starts coming to the gym, and because in his eyes, weight lifting and diet should be supplemented, he starts taking one.

Best Muscle Gaining Supplement Picture - muscle gainer nutritional facts

The label to the right is from a well known muscle gaining supplement (the name doesn’t matter, it’s only for informative purposes), and as you can see, a nice big scoop has 165 grams and 650 calories.

Normally, no one completely sane would take it without some liquid, preferably some milk, because the taste is usually amazing in any muscle gaining supplement because of the added sugar and fat.

So let’s make some calculations:

The newbie doesn’t know how many calories he eats in a day so we estimate his calories ranging from 1800 – 2500 calories on average, just to maintains his weight.

Most people have a sticking point where in the case of remaining untrained, the weight simply plateaus and you eat just how much the body tells you so the weight remains constant.

So his maintenance would be, let’s say, in the middle, at around 2300 calories.

At the food that he normally eats, adding 650 calories from the muscle gainer and 300 calories from milk, will be more than enough to help him gain some weight.

Remember : If caloric intake > caloric expenditure = weight gain

  • Maintenance level: 2300
  • Supplemented level: 2300 + 650 + 300 = 3250 which is almost 1000 over the maintenance level

The newbie is happy with the product, labels it as working and continues to recommend it as the best supplement ever known to man.

See what I just did here ?

The final and NO BS answer to “what are the best supplements for muscle gain” is: NO SUPPLEMENT !

Excess calories are the best supplement for muscle gain but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a muscle gaining supplement.

I also use supplements and I recommend you to use them BUT use only the ones that are actually proven to work!

I made a list of my top choices when it comes to muscle recovery and growth supplements.


You are fine with or without one if your diet is in check.

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