Bodybuilding Revealed By Will Brink – A No Bs Review Of A Person That Actually Tested It

I stumbled upon the book bodybuilding revealed by Will Brink some time ago when I was looking for some in depth information on training so after I looked at his videos, testimonials and read other reviews, this book seemed a good try.

Nevertheless, before I clicked the buy now button I was interested what more information this book contained and when I saw that I would get over 500 pages of bodybuilding information from what it seemed like a good book, I gave it a try.

picture of will brinkWho Is Will Brink

Will brink is a nutrition and health person with over 15 years of experience in the weight loss industry and he also graduated from Harvard University in natural sciences. From what I’ve researched, he is also a consultant of pharmaceutical companies and some supplement companies (this is not something that I like when reading a book because most of the people that are in this field are crocks BUT bare with me)

Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed Book Contents

As I said before, it has over 500 pages of information which are split in 5 main modules that are explained in great detail (you would be amazed just how in depth they are explained)

Speaking of the components, these are:

  1. Muscle Building Diet And Nutrition
  2. Supplement Reviews
  3. Training going from beginner routines up to advanced
  4. Cardio
  5. Motivation And Mental Stuff
  6. You also get some nice bonuses that are not just throwed there for the sake of getting cheesy with the reader
  7. Charles Poliquin Mass Gaining Principles
  8. Periodization Stuff
  9. Delay Onset Muscle Soreness
  10. Weight Training Injuries and how to avoid them
  11. Interesting “hybrid” training solutions
  12. More Bonuses ?
  13. You also get access to Will Brink’s members area in which you have some nice tools like diet planners, exercise videos, nutrition database, gallery of pictures from which you can get feedback from other clients, you can speak with other people live in the member’s area, some articles from some popular bodybuilding “guru’s” ( I don’t really endorse the articles because they are not of the highest quality).

You can read more about his book here. (updated for 2013! with many mistakes corrected)

What I Liked About Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed Review Ebook

The fact that he recognizes that caloric intake is the king and takes the approach in discussing it in detail

  • Fat recommendations
  • Training recommendations
  • Nutrients explanations plus recommendations
  • He tries to back up almost everything what he sais with research studies ( some are good, some don’t have their place there )

Here’s an excerpt of the summarized fat loss equation, beautifully written down:

bodybuilding revealed by will brink calorie intake formula

What I didn’t Liked

The fact that he considers GI having an important place in a proper nutritional plan (food GI only matters in case you eat certain foods alone, for example : when you eat white bread, based on its high GI, you will have a high insulin response but let’s be real : who eats only white bread these days ?

We like to combine our food with others just to make them more tasty, so the nutrient absorption will be slower and GI will be automatically lowered.

nightime nutrition didn't liked - excerpt from bodybuilding revealed by will brink

Nutrient timing BS still present even here but we can IGNORE that because this book offers just too much quality information.

Some research studies that were irrelevant and without any real application (mostly nutrition related)

Who Is This Book For ?

In making this review, I thought about what type of people would benefit the best from reading this book and at the end of reading it, I said : “ This book is a huge database of good information “ (with some exceptions) that should be on the shelves of any person starting out or interested in learning more about bodybuilding and how our body works.

It will definitely teach you how to lose fat!


Bodybuilding revealed by Will Brink book gets our NO BS approval with some slight recommendations on what you should skip in reading with the rest of the book remaining at a good quality.

If you want to get an in depth look at every training and nutrition aspect of bodybuilding, that will definitely help you organize yourself better, get in the right mindset and also lose fat and/or build muscle mass, this is one of the books that offers you that plus you also learn something that you can apply as fast as possible.

It is definitely a good read!

You can get the book at the best price from here.

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    This was a great read Florin! Learnt a thing or two.
    Any other good books?

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