Top 4 No Nonsense Bodybuilding Supplements That Actually Work

Bodybuilding Supplements That WorkIf there’s something I’ve learnt in all my lifting years, it’s that there are  certain supplements that work and also supplements that are sold as “the magic pill” but they just contain ingredients that are doing jack for you.

This is going to be weird and I say it because instead of showing you just three bodybuilding supplements that work, I will actually show you the top 4 bodybuilding supplement categories that work.

Don’t worry, you will soon understand what I mean by that and everything is going to be clear.

My Top 4 Bodybuilding Supplements That Work Category:

Before I get into every category and list all the supplements that work, I want you to know that I finally created a section on my site that  contains my working supplements pyramid called the best muscle building supplements pyramid.

Alright, let me get straight into these categories – don’t worry, at the end of each category, I listed a page with the resource that will actually show you the best supplements from that category so keep reading:

Protein powders – the usual protein powder is the staple of every bodybuilder’s nutrition for decades and they are called like this for a reason: they supplement your dietary protein by giving you protein in a powdered form.

A protein powder is the most recommended supplement for anyone that is training because we have increased protein needs and also because obtaining a high protein intake only from diet is pretty hard (I wouldn’t want to cook all day long chicken breasts).

Anyways, the flexibility a protein powder offers you is priceless.

I made a top of the few online resources that I actually recommend that provide quality at a good price.

For the best protein powders, check out my protein powder reviews page.

Vitamins and minerals – there are plenty of reasons why people that are training have increased vitamin and mineral requirements.

Getting those needs meet is surely something pretty hard to do in today’s constant changing dieting principles and also the lack of time in preparing nutritious foods.

We are pretty much always on the road be it with work, children or simply getting a vacation.

A good and quality vitamin and mineral supplement is a must in my opinion and it will correct or prevent any potential deficiency that you might have.

I listed my top choices at a good online resources here.

Check my vitamins and mineral supplements review page.

Pre-Workout Supplements – in all seriousness, who doesn’t want an edge in the gym?

These supplements will give you a boost in energy levels and also keep you alert when training.

They contribute indirectly to your fat loss or muscle gaining efforts.

I want to note that I also use all of the pre-workout supplements that I listed here.

Check out my best pre workout supplement reviews page to get an insight on what are the supplements that actually work.

Muscle growth and recovery supplements – these supplements will give you an extra boost in muscle growth and recovery.

I also want to note that I use all the supplements listed in this category.

I was skeptic when it came to “muscle building pills” but the interesting fact is that there are actually a few supplements out there that actually work with actual proven research done on them and also people reporting them as genuine.

There’s no doubt they work.

Click here to go to the page where I listed the best muscle growth and recovery supplements.

Also, I am NO WAY sponsored or paid by supplement companies to do these reviews. 

These reviews are my transparent opinions about what works and what doesn’t work and they are done by using the products and researching their effectiveness.

I will never promote or create reviews of products that don’t work.

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