Brown Rice Vs White Rice – The Conclusion Is Not What You Think It Is

brown rice vs white riceI think that because we are bombarded with choices in almost every area of our life, it’s pretty much normal for us to always search for the best alternative to anything.

When I personally see people trying to make food choices like brown rice vs white rice, sweet potatoes vs yams, oats vs dextrose, etc., the correct answer they seek might be miles away from them.

I mean, let’s be serious… if you will make a test right now and try to search again who wins the battle white rice vs brown rice, I can almost 100% guarantee that you will find multiple answers to this question.

Given multiple answers, what happens if you will choose the wrong one?

You guessed: you will only reinforce certain beliefs that can actually be wrong even if people tried to help you

Well, I hope I’ll make the issue “what’s better when it comes to brown rice vs white rice” closed once and for all by providing you a clear comparison and also research studies that will back up my claims.

Let’s see some actual numbers before we jump to any conclusion:

Nutritional data

white rice vs brown rice nutritional data

As you can see from the picture above, the only noticeable difference in macronutrient composition is dietary fiber.

Brown rice has slightly more dietary fiber than white rice and that’s all.

Vitamin And Mineral Content

brown rice vs white rice vitamins and minerals

As you can see from the picture above, both white rice, and brown rice have similar vitamin and mineral content but with brown rice winning just slightly when speaking of Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorus content.

The differences are small tho…

Which Tastes Better?

Well, I did some research and even if I prefer to eat white rice when it comes to taste, I saw that there are people that actually like the brown rice’s taste more.

It all comes to personal preference in my opinion.

I find it that white rice is actually softer compared to a more chewy texture of brown rice and also the taste is generally better for white rice.

Research Studies

These studies (1,2) show that brown rice is actually an inferior choice when it comes to nitrogen retention and nutrient bioavailability when compared to white rice.

Also, another study actually found out that white rice offered greater satiety when compared with brown rice (interestingly enough, brown rice should be like that because of the added fiber but nonetheless). 

Conclusion On White Rice Vs Brown Rice

Even if brown rice is generally considered as having a lower GI, thus, it should “slowly release” glucose, it was demonstrated that glycemic index charts are just another useless metric that should be avoided when it comes to judging foods for their effects on body composition or general health.

As with other similar issues, calories are still the king here and the conclusion is to eat whatever you like.

It doesn’t matter:

  • If you think that the small added micro nutrients and some fiber can help your health, by all means eat brown rice
  • If you think that the added fiber will have any positive benefit on your health, you can eat it
  • If you like brown rice more than white rice, by all means eat the brown rice

I hope you got the point

What’s your preferred rice and why?

Also, tell us how you cook it (If you come with a good recipe, I’ll make a video on it)

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