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I did this Burn the fat feed the muscle review only because it’s one of the first fat loss books I’ve read. Tom Venuto knew what to write and how to write in order to make the experience of reading this book, awesome.

It was the first book that answered some of my early questions about bodybuilding, weight training, fat loss, and basically got me to the next level from a complete newbie, to an intermediate that knew something and had an idea where to look next.

Who Is Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto is a nutritional consultant, coach, personal trainer, fitness model, health club manager and author of the book Burn the fat feed the muscle.

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Because the book was released early in 2003, there is some outdated information inside but I will point out what should NOT be followed from this book.

What Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Will Do For You ?

  1. Introduce you to every fat loss concepts out there
  2. Provide you with a good approach to nutrition and training
  3. Help you lose fat if you read it and take the advice (with some modifications – meal frequency)
  4. Will help you psychologically by preparing you
  5. All in one book: motivation, goal setting, nutrition, body composition, weight training, cardio training
  6. It covers cardio training and weight training

Let’s dive into chapters and see exactly what you will learn


As a side note, Tom Venuto’s website with the ebook can be found by clicking here.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review – Chapters

Chapter 1 – Goal Setting

Will take you through different mental strategies that will help you get into the mindset when it comes to fat loss. This will help you with consistency when you are starting the diet.

Chapter 2 – Why Diets Fail

This chapter will teach you priceless strategies to adjust your diet. A must read for anyone that wants to diet because it will teach you why your diet can fail.

The single flaw this chapter has is the myth “Eat more frequently and never skip meals”. You can ignore this advice because the meal frequency myth was busted a long time ago.

Chapter 3 – Body Composition

You will discover how to distinguish fat from muscle, and much more. You’ll see that there are much more about your body than your eye can see.

Chapter 4 – Progress Charting

Measuring progress is one of the most important quality you will get from this book. The psychological teachings you will get from reading this chapter are priceless.

How to track, how to interpret, and how to regulate different strategies for losing fat or building muscle.

Again, the thing you should ignore here is the advice “Manipulate meal timing and frequency”.

It seems that even if Tom Venuto did his best to write one of the top quality dieting books out there, the meal frequency myth somewhat thrived and got pasted there.

Anyways, this is just a small mistake.

Chapter 5 – Metabolic Individuality

In this chapter, Tom speaks about BMR (basal metabolic rate), just to give you an insight. One of the sub chapters is “The 10 major genetic variables affecting fitness, fat loss, muscle development and athletic ability”.

He also speaks about different body types, genetics and much more…

Chapter 6 – The Calory Balance

In this chapter, Tom talks about Calories and energy balance. This is a huge chapter and will teach you the bases of fat loss. If you want to lose fat, this will be the most important thing you’ll ever read and apply.

Chapter 7 – Meal Frequency & Timing

This is the meal frequency chapter, and the single one that you should not take into account.

Chapter 8 – Macronutrient Ratios

There are some good and bad points on macronutrients here. The food you eat has interesting proprieties. Learn about them…

Chapter 9 – Good Fats Vs Bad Fats

In depth information about fats.

Chapter 10 – Protein

In depth information on protein.

Chapter 11 – Carbohydrates

In depth information about carbohydrates (a must read for beginners).

Chapter 12 -14 – How To Get Lean

This chapter will teach you step by step how you can apply what you’ve learned and get lean.

Chapter 15 – Supplements

He makes a good point about “good” foods. It’s definitely a good read BUT again, ignore the eat small and frequent meals advice.

Chapter 16-17 – Cardio

Everything about cardio. You’ll be surprised to find out that things you thought they were true about cardio, are completely backwards.

Who Is This Book For ?

Burn the fat feed the muscle is definitely a good read for you, even if you are past beginner phase because there is a lot of good information packed there. 

This book is for anyone looking to lose weight and get shredded.

Conclusion To Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review

Tom Venuto got it right starting from 2003 and this book is quite amazing !

Too many BS diet books got released from 2003 until now. Somewhere around 90% of them are just full of fluff, and try to trick you into believing that a super herb is the answer for all your prayers.

If you want to have practical fat loss information right away for you to use, then what are you waiting for?

This book gets the NO BS badge, and it will help anyone lose fat no matter what!

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