The Cabbage Soup Diet Dogma And The Birth Of Dieting With The Help Of A Soup

cabbage for the cabbage soup dietIn trying to see from where this diet originated, I was unsuccessful – the origins are unknown but most of the popularity of this diet comes from a 80’s.

Trying to talk about this diet was a complete chore for me and believe me, I’ve seen pretty bad diets in my life.

The cabbage soup diet is a fast weight loss diet that was mainly designed for people wanting to lose weight at a fast pace without even considering muscle loss or certain nutrient deficiencies.

Basically, being on this diet means that you will consume a low-calorie soup made from cabbage over a period of 7 days.

Cabbage Soup Diet Detailed Daily

  • Day 1 – you get to eat as much fruit as desired without bananas and eat as much of this soup as you like
  • Day 2 – vegetables and soup as much as you want including 1 baked potatoe
  • Day 3 – same as day 2 but without the additional potatoe
  • Day 4 – 8 bananas along with cabbage soup and skimmed milk at your will
  • Day 5 – 250-300 grams of beef, up to 6 tomatoes and this soup as much as you want to
  • Day 6 – Beef, vegetables, this soup – as much as you want
  • Day 7 – Vegetables, fruit juice (unsweetened), cabbage soup – as much as you want to

Also known as a fad diet, this soup diet is designed for short term weight loss and a typical weight loss of 4-5 kg/week is pretty achievable.

You achieve that kind of weight loss because you basically consume 600-1000 calories/day and with that large of a deficit, there’s no chance you couldn’t lose weight.

Most versions of this diet allow you to eat any kind of vegetables or fruits but you are not permitted to eat bananas or potatoes – my comment here is: nonsense, what bananas and potatoes have to do with weight gain?

They are just another macronutrient duh..

There are also diet cycles between certain foods like tomatoes, milk, rice, beef, fruit, chicken, fish, juice but their consumption is only allowed on certain days.

Oh, I almost forgot – this diet plan also puts you on drinking plenty of water in the form of at least 8 glasses every day and some weird variations of this diet also allow you to drink unsweetened tea and black coffee.

Alright, this is the general explanation of the diet.

Here’s where a BUT comes..

But what?

The truth is that if you want to try this diet, be prepared of a whole host of problems, and by problems, I mean pretty serious problems.

Big health issues will arise because:

  1. You get basically no healthy fats – you get 0 healthy fats in your diet and it was demonstrated by plenty of research studies that no fat in your diet will interfere with important vitamin absorption, testosterone production and other issues.
  2. No protein – Eating only fruits and vegetables won’t give you any quality protein and because protein is the building block of every cell in your body, going on the route without protein is a sure recipe for muscle loss in the best case scenario.
  3. Low in important nutrients like calcium, zinc and iron – I won’t go in details on why you should get them from your diet because I already wrote another article on vitamins and minerals

Overall Conclusion

The cabbage soup diet is a complete nonsense, advertised by media and certain celebrities that promised they lost weight with it.

Of course you will lose weight on 600 calories/day diet because your body probably consumes over 1300 if you are a female and over 2000 if you are male.

Caloric deficit = weight loss

Not only it can make you deficient in important nutrients but this diet can also put you at risk of muscle and water loss.

And the best part comes last: you will almost 100% gain all the lost weight back because this is not a solution to your dieting problems – you will lose weight on the duration of this diet but when you’ll start eating normally again, the weight lost will come back for sure.


You will get your usual caloric intake from eating normally which will put you back on your past weight.

A good diet is one that literally makes you lose fat without any radical changes and will keep that fat off.

If you want to try a specific diet, I made a top of the best diet books you can find that will actually help you lose fat or you can check out my book which has all the elements of an worry free diet.

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