Don’t Ever Try The Tapeworm Diet – Here’s Why

The tapeworm diet in a nutshell is just manually done infestation with adult parasitic flatworms known as tapeworms or cestodes. Did you know that you can get this infestation if you eat undercooked food and once they are in your digestive tract, a larva can grow into a huge adult which can measure up to […]

The Cabbage Soup Diet Dogma And The Birth Of Dieting With The Help Of A Soup

In trying to see from where this diet originated, I was unsuccessful – the origins are unknown but most of the popularity of this diet comes from a 80’s. Trying to talk about this diet was a complete chore for me and believe me, I’ve seen pretty bad diets in my life. The cabbage soup […]

Why The Cotton Ball Diet Is Just Another Diet Fad

In my quest to review and give a transparent opinion on every kind of diet this world has invented, I just reached another level. Discovering yet another weird way of trying to lose weight – the cotton ball diet When I first saw this diet having the name of cotton, I said to myself please […]

Do You Know Why The Baby Food Diet Was A FAIL From Start?

I can seriously admit that the first time I’ve heard about this diet, it made me laugh so hard that I almost had a laugh crisis. Baby food diet? – what’s next? Aligator food diet? Anyways, let’s see what’s up with this diet.. The baby food diet was created by a celebrity trainer names Tracy […]

Is The Master Cleanse Diet, Nonsense?

Did you know that Ancient Egyptians had a weird way of associating decay with feces and they used certain laxatives and enemas liberally to “detoxify their body. Nowadays, the same concern that Ancient Egyptians had, was mostly transformed into a body auto-intoxication thing. This is why plenty of products and services are hitting the market […]

What Is The Best Weight Loss Supplement And Why NOT?

Another question that is frequently thrown around forums, answer sites and blogs is the following one: “what is the best weight loss supplement?” Every time I see these questions I’m amazed and still can’t keep myself steady or not cursing. Why? Well, it’s not the question per se, it’s the people responding this question that […]

3 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Love Handles Forever

Before I dive deeper into the whole issue of “how to get rid of love handles fast”, I first want everyone that is searching for this, to get rid of any “fat loss secrets” or the “holy grail of fat loss” books, courses or any guru stuff you might have around. I’m serious! This is […]

There’s No Secret On How To Get Six Pack Abs – You Already Know It

I am still amazed of the fact that so many people are still searching the “magic bullet”, the “secret” or anything controversial that can make their journey to these so called “six pack abs” effortless. Well, I am not here to disappoint you, I am here to help you become more conscious about what you […]