The Emotional And Logical Brain Battle Towards Your Dream Body [Part 2 of 3]

In the 5th lesson, I talked about negative feedback cycles. If you want to create success through habits, you have to change or modify the bad ones by creating positive feedback cycles. Start a good habit by eating better, training more, doing more activity. It doesn’t matter. Watch the results. The positive results will make […]

The Nothing Works For Me Mentality [Part 6 of 7]

I can’t do it Nothing works for me It feels like I hit a wall and I can’t get over it I can’t do this anymore I don’t know how to do it I can pretty much guess that you’ve been in a situation like that before. If you are not currently in one. This […]

The Negative Feedback Cycle [Part 5 of 7]

There are two situations in which you can find yourself at any moment in your life. The specific details of any given area of your life don’t matter here. You can either succeed at a goal you previously set or you can fail. Let’s say your mind thinks you failed. The most important thing you […]