Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock Reviews – Examining Research And Real People

Cellucor D4 thermal shock is mainly marketed as an effective weight loss supplement and as they say: “incinerates body fat, gives you an unparalleled adrenaline rush and also offers you explosive energy without any of the adverse effects that the usual thermogenic supplements have. Is it true or this is yet just another supplement’s company marketing […]

Workout Buddy X Review – Genuine Or A Scam?

Usually, I don’t really try to do video reviews of home training programs but this one really made me curious. Let’s see their description: Created by 4 world class trainers (1 kettlebell master /functional training specialist, 1 boot camp instruction, 1 Fitness America Champion + 1 certified yoga instructor), our subscription based online fitness club […]

Force Factor 2 Reviews – A Transparent Supplement Review

My force factor 2 review will be as transparent as possible. Disclaimer: this review is my own opinion on the product based on available research studies and people reporting using it The force factor 2 is sold as a potent pre workout supplement, created with the intention of building strength and power (or so they […]

Force Factor Review – An Unbiased Supplement Review

This force factor review is transparent and it has not been funded by anyone – as you will see, I will fully disclose this product. What is Force Factor? Like his newer brother named Force Factor 2, this older version is a NO supplement which means nitric oxide supplement and it is mainly used as […]

31 Day Fat Loss Cure By Vic Magary Review – Is It A Scam?

In writing this 31 day fat loss cure review, I had to take some time and think about it because this is quite a weird fat loss book and I had a hard time categorizing and reviewing it. When I first saw its title, I thought that it was clearly just another fat loss cure […]

Muscle Rev Xtreme Review – Genuine Or Just Another Scam?

Every time I surf the internet to search for products to buy and review, I stumble upon offers like this muscle rev x 14 day “free” trial and they always get my attention because of the cheesy graphics and flashy pill bottles. Let’s see if muscle rev xtreme gets up to the claims he does […]

Muscle King Pro Review – A No Bs Critique

Muscle King Pro is marketed as a testosterone booster which also increases libido, sex drive and muscle mass or at least this is what the producers of this supplement are claiming. I searched for some real reviews of this product and frankly, everybody is promoting it without actually studying actual scientific evidence or real world […]

Lean Muscle Formula Review – The Truth

To tell you the truth, I am always skeptic when I see new supplements hitting the market, even if I don’t really buy them all (it’s impossible for me to get every new supplement that hits the market and also I don’t have the space to store all the crap – sorry for the bad […]