10 Ways To Relieve Muscle Soreness And Improve Muscle Growth And Recovery

Depending on your training history, you’ve probably experienced or still experience muscle soreness. It is a normal adaptation of your muscle tissue, and tendons to mechanical stress. Muscle soreness is mainly related to connective and muscle tissue damage, and not lactic acid buildup as I already explained here. Muscle soreness seems to be highly individual […]

The Next Day Muscle Soreness And The Pump – Do They Matter For Muscle Growth Or They Are Nonsense?

I still know people who think that the pump they get from training, and the muscle soreness they experience the next day, are actual indicators that they had a good workout. Do you really have to wreck yourself in the gym to see results? The main goal of this article is to look at muscle […]

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To CrossFit: Is It Nonsense Or Does It Work?

I will tell you a short story before I dive into the subject. I am a sociable person. By default, when I go into a gym, I do my training but I also interact with other people. Because I work in an office for at least 6 hours every day, it’s like I am craving for […]

The Nothing Works For Me Mentality [Part 6 of 7]

I can’t do it Nothing works for me It feels like I hit a wall and I can’t get over it I can’t do this anymore I don’t know how to do it I can pretty much guess that you’ve been in a situation like that before. If you are not currently in one. This […]

7 Clear Overtraining Symptoms And How To Fix Them

Everybody talks about overtraining nowadays but do they really know what it means exactly? To get this started, I made a short explanation of what overtraining means. Overtraining is a situation in which there is a long term imbalance between the recovery processes and training load. This imbalance leads to a steady decrement in performance […]

Exposed: Hype And Lies Of 35 Top Fat Burners And “SuperFoods”

Source https://flic.kr/p/j1D96A Most Americans are fat. And that’s a fact. There are many reasons for our obesity epidemic, ranging from bad food intake, cheap food, sedentary lifestyle, social groups, alcohol. These are just some of the main reasons we are fat. Everybody is searching for a pill to annihilate obesity. That’s why we see the […]

The Top 3 Reasons Why Most Women Trying Bodybuilding Will Fail

I don’t know why but I enjoy training while there are women in the gym. I don’t think I’m the only one. I mean, when I look around, I always see guys smiling to girls (good looking girls I might point). How about you? I don’t think you don’t like to take a peak at a […]

The Secret Behind Kelly Osbourne’s “Miraculous” Diet

I don’t usually write about celebrity diets but every now and then when I see something that looks interesting and from which you can learn something, I will put it  here and keep it for motivation. How about that? That’s it. Most posts about celebrity diets will be geared toward exposing the real thought behind […]