The Top 4 Criteria In Choosing The Best Leg Exercises For You

It’s a little weird for me to talk about legs because most people are interested in knowing the best chest or biceps exercise but nonetheless, this article will be dedicated into looking at the best leg exercises out there. The second weird thing when it comes to weight training is the fact that people assume […]

Can You Do Too Much Cardio And What Are The Consequences?

It’s interesting how our mind works when it comes to doing something that should give us a presumed positive return. It is also true when it comes to doing cardio for fat loss. I see too many people trying to push themselves to the limit by doing long sessions of cardio everyday believing that this […]

The Ultimate Guide On How To Do A Deload Week

There are countless quality guides on the best way to do a certain exercise, training programs, how to calculate your necessary caloric intake to lose weight, what to eat and how to eat but one issue that is not so discussed is how to deload also known as the “deload week”. What Is A Deload? […]

The END: High Intensity Interval Training Workout (HIIT) Vs Steady State Cardio

There are two general sides when comparing high intensity interval training (HIIT) with steady state cardio. People staying in the steady state cardio camp say that this is the best type of cardio because you are constantly in the “fat burning zone”. People keeping the high intensity interval training camp saying that this type of […]

The 4 Hour Body Diet By Tim Ferris – A No Bs Review

The 4 hour body diet book was written by Tim Ferris who is an “entrepreneur” and “author” as Wikipedia stated and as we know, Wikipedia is most of the time right so no history of bodybuilding or nutritional background for this guy, just a business man (and a clever one). This review will be a long […]

No BS Anabolic Cooking Review

“What is a diet without a good recipe ?” – just made this up right now but if you think about it, it’s partially true because a good meal can make your thoughts or mental problems disappear even if that is until you finish destroying the food on the plate. I like cooking BUT I […]

The Best Upper Lower Body Split Routine For Muscle Mass

I remember the days when I went to the gym without knowing anything about training. I would just take the weights in my hands for 2-3 hours and lift as much as I could for as long as I could. For me, speaking with people inside the gym, was a routine because I wanted to learn more. […]

The Texas Method Workout With Spreadsheet

In the first days we start going to a gym, we get the novice status where we can grow up with literally any kind of training program since our muscles are miles away from the potential they have. After some time, we get more accustomed with our body. That training program that worked once, is almost […]