Why The Cotton Ball Diet Is Just Another Diet Fad

cotton ball for the cotton ball dietIn my quest to review and give a transparent opinion on every kind of diet this world has invented, I just reached another level.

Discovering yet another weird way of trying to lose weight – the cotton ball diet

When I first saw this diet having the name of cotton, I said to myself please dear lord, don’t tell me that people are supposed to go in the cotton fields and eat that for 7 days/week to lose weight.

The answer is not necessarily the same but it was something really close.

The Diet

Describing this diet is actually easy: you just take the ball, dip it into orange juice or any other kind of juice you like after which you will swallow a handful of these soaked cotton balls in an attempt to suppress your appetite and ultimately, lose weight doing this.

Disclaimer – even if you just learned how this diet works and how you should do it, I am in no way responsible if anyone is stupid enough to try it…

There are so many wrong things that can go with this diet that I don’t even know with which to start first.

The Dangers

The first danger I would list is a possible gag you could trigger in the attempt to eat a cotton ball. Let’s be serious, this is a big issue because you could potentially cause aspiration of liquid in your lungs when you try to cough these ball fibers out of your respiratory system.

The complications are very serious, ranging from pneumonia to bronchitis.

Now, going forward, even if you successfully swallow these “juicy” cotton balls, you are not safe.

These balls can cause bowel necrosis, bowel obstruction and even twisting of your intestines – imagine the pain and dangers you are exposing yourself over a silly diet.

The effects are pretty serious: interventional surgery, abdominal pain and many other complications and side effects.

The sad thing is that most of these fad diets are created by celebrities or models and many young women that buy magazines and see what these celebrities are doing, are also going to try and copy their stupidity.

If I take my time to think about it, I don’t really think that anyone sane enough would actually try to dip cotton balls in juice or any kind of liquid and try to swallow them in a failed attempt to lose weight.

The reality is that you can’t really lose weight by eating this. Why?



You need a caloric deficit and that’s all – maybe coupled with some nice activity to keep and even gain some muscle mass but more than that is just a dream.

I wonder when will the world stop searching for magic diets or pills and actually start doing something good with their health in the long term.

I want to be that person that helps people get on the right track and I enjoy doing this and exposing any fad diet.

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