I Will Teach You How To Stop Being Desperate To Lose Weight And Start Losing It From Now On

desperate to lose weightWith obesity being one of the principal death factors in the world with just United States accounting for 100.000-400.000 deaths/year, I can understand why people are starting to be desperate to lose weight.

I can also understand why most people are not losing weight.

Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes

I can relate this to my past mistakes when I’ve tried to lose weight by trying the common suggestions I’ve got from certain websites I’ve found on the internet. What I did was to compile lists of weight loss tips and tricks and I was basically trying them all.

I was in a constant fight to lose weight fast and I was only running in circles because of all the confusing and counter intuitive advice I was getting. I DID lost weight but not the way I wanted, at the pace I wanted or with the results I wanted.

The End Result?

I never got lean by using the common internet advice containing suggestions like “don’t eat this”, “only eat that”, “best exercise to lose weight”, “It’s not your fault”, “the secret ways to lose weight fast” and I call this advice general nonsense dogma.

All this generalized advice did for me was to point me in the wrong direction and put me on a “slow lane fat loss journey”.

What the general fat loss nonsense dogmatics are doing to you is: they basically fill your head with statements like “you can’t do it if you don’t take my advice, eat my powder, drink my uber “fat loss” soup or do exactly as I tell you” and then, keep you following them for the rest of your life because you will never reach your end goal, or the time it takes to reach it is too damn long.

The internet is filled with nonsense fat loss advice, fat loss books or fake “fat loss guru’s” and frankly, opening yet another website or publishing yet another fat loss book is too easy for them.

Fancy graphics, fancy covers, fancy drawings – I’ve seen them, you’ve seen them and frankly, I’m tired of them.

I believe that you can agree that if most fat loss books and advice you can find on the internet would really show you the real way to lose weight, eat healthy, be healthy and get a better body, I wouldn’t really be here trying to help people get on the right track.

What is NOT easy, is fighting your way and reach for genuine advice – believe me, I wasted over a year of my life trying bogus diets… and I want to spare anyone that is on this road, of wasted time.

Free Time Deprivation?

I am always with the concept that if you want to do something, you must first find out exactly how to do it and take the easiest path. In our case, we are talking of different tactics and strategies to lose weight that will show us the easiest and surest method of doing it.

Being desperate to lose weight will be a thing of the past if you are willing to put effort in this.

Stop searching for the magic bullet, stop searching for the magic pill, stop getting driven on the slow road and take action the right way.

How do you know I’m not another of these self proclaimed guru’s?

Because I don’t hide my face behind drawings, you can see my story on my about me page and you can also see that people actually had results and recommended my book to everyone.

You can also start your journey by going on my new starting page, read the resources and practice what you read.

There are plenty of resources here and you will definitely learn how to lose weight the right way.

This is a promise.

I want to start seeing people stop saying “I am hopeless and desperate to lose weight!”.

Tell me with what you are struggling in the comment section bellow or send me an email.

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