Eat Stop Eat Review – Is It A Scam?

eat stop eat review ebook coverLong ago before I started researching about intermittent fasting, the possible health and training benefits, I was just a regular Joe that was going to the gym 5-6 times per week.

I was eating 5-7 meals a day. I was striving to keep the eating hours the same so I could take advantage of the “metabolic furnace”.

Needless to say, my life was not flexible at all. I was floating around my meals constantly.

There were many times and situations in which I got too preoccupied with all these things while neglecting my family, life and friends.

I told to myself: “There has to be something I can do to make the pursue of the ultimate physique more pleasant, and without all this hassle”.

Reading and learning more about intermittent fasting, I became interested to try it because too many people were reporting awesome results.

In the beginning, I had my reservations about this because I was afraid to start fasting. I had the muscle wasting fear that was following me like a ghost. Losing muscle for me was the only thing that kept me away from trying this approach faster.

But everything started to change…

First, I started researching about intermittent fasting by reading research studies. Later on, I grabbed every book published on the subject including this book which is the main reason I did the eat stop eat review.

As soon as the first version of Eat Stop Eat was published, I read it and it contained surprisingly good information about intermittent fasting and weight loss.

I’ve read every edition of eat stop eat just because Brad does a great job in keeping the book constantly updated with newer information. If we are to compare the first edition which had 77 pages with the actual updated book which has over 140 pages, both are good but the latest release is even better.

Before we go into the book let’s see who is the founder


The founder of Eat Stop Eat is Brad Pilon which is well known in the fitness industry as being a nutritional professional. 

Sadly, he was involved in the bullsh*t nutritional supplement industry in the past (I guess he leaved the industry to get away from all of the fluff that revolves around it).

He also has a MD in HN (human nutrition) and he is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

What Is With This Diet ?

Basically, it’s an intermittent fasting diet that gives you a more flexible approach to nutrition. You will get more free time, lose fat way easier than most of the diets, and also teach you a everything about intermittent fasting.

The diet protocol involves a long fasting diet but it has to be done in a special way (which you can find out by reading the book).

Will You Lose Muscle Mass?

The answer is no. I am practicing intermittent fasting for many years, and I even went to extremes like 40 hours fast, without any strength and muscle loss.

This approach is both more doable and safer if you are still scared of muscle loss.

I use this protocol when I don’t have time or I am lazy to eat because fasting gives me more space, flexibility, and some potential health benefits.

Nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Who Will Benefit From Eat Stop Eat ?

  • Anyone who wants a more flexible lifestyle while losing fat and maintaining muscle mass easier when compared to many BS diets
  • Anyone tired of trying countless diets that didn’t do anything for them
  • Suitable for really anyone out there plus you will also learn the true way to lose fat
  • Anyone who tried countless supplements that only thinned their wallets

What Will You Learn From The Book ?

  • How to fast effectively
  • How to lose fat
  • Eat stop eat lifestyle
  • How fasting affects hormones
  • Health Topics
  • Metabolism Topics
  • How to keep the fat off

Basically, you will have one of the best booklets on intermittent fasting out there.

You can find the ebook by clicking here (it’s delivered instantly in pdf version).

Let’s cut the fluff and take a sneak peak at the beginning chapters and what this book covers:

eat stop eat contents screenshot

The chapters continue with fasting and your brain, fasting and your muscle mass, fasting and hunger, fasting and your blood sugar, other misconceptions of fasting, the health benefits of fasting, the eat stop eat way of life, how to fast in this style style, how to eat, what to do while fasting, how to workout, how to keep the fat off, conclusions, frequent asked questions and much more.

Bad Points

  1. The training chapter is a weak point (this is easily fixed with the training programs I recommend, so no big deal here)
  2. Meal plans (if you are a regular reader of NO BS bodybuilding you should know they are unimportant)

Good Points

  1. Helps you get rid of the common myths like the 5-6 meals a day and gets you into a more flexible lifestyle
  2. Fat loss will be easier for you as bigger meals are more satiating so you will not be temped to stuff yourself with food constantly
  3. More than twice the information compared to the first edition
  4. It’s very easy to understand and the information is well presented so you can learn it as fast as possible
  5. Dispels a lot of health and diet myths like the meal frequency myth and starvation mode myth
  6. It’s more like a protocol with which you can apply to any kind of diet and exercise
  7. It will help you lose fat no matter what


I’ve read so many diet books, and tried like every kind of diet out there. I now have the experience and the knowledge to only recommend a fat loss book that will make you lose fat. No nonsense. No gimmicks. This book will help you get lean.

This is one of the best books that can get you started on intermittent fasting and weight loss!

You can get it by clicking here.

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  1. florin, what is your opinion about eat stop eat when it comes to research reviews included and explained?

    • Brad Pilon has some problems with some certain research studies that don’t apply to what he states BUT most of the information is gold for someone interested in intermittent fasting. I would definitely recommend it!

  2. got it and already lost 6 pounds in the first two weeks of using his strategy!

  3. DeaconHenry says:

    I bought this book and I must say that you were right. It’s the most comprehensive book on intermittent fasting and weight loss. Glad I found your review~!

  4. Thank you for the information, Florin! This book looks like a great buy but what do you mean when you say that the training chapter is “weak”?
    Did you mean that it won’t help build muscles?

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