Fat Loss Factor Book Review – Is This Cleanse Diet A Scam?

fat-loss-factor ebook coverAs I was surfing the internet into the endless conquest of finding a fat loss book to review (I was sure that I will find some useless junk books but let’s see what I found), I noticed there were many people asking for a fat loss factor review that is essentially a “cleanse diet” invented by a certain “certified nutritionist” and “doctor” named Dr. Charles.

So I started to do some research on this book and also read some general fat loss factor reviews to see what people were saying about this book before I bought it and started to write my own review.

As expected, every review on the face of the internet about this book is positive and it’s promoted like crazy by everyone. There are plenty of review sites about this book but something was really fishy about them:

  1. One page websites that are written by people I don’t know (probably promoters)
  2. Review websites that were stuffing their page with banners and promotional pictures
  3. All the reviews were 100% positive and encourages visitors to buy this ebook 


Let’s be true with ourselves and think about it for a second: even a great product has people that complain about a certain feature or even on something tiny and irrelevant and example of this would be the amazon website. 

Even the best books/best sellers out there have people that complain BUT this particular book called fat loss factor (never heard of it before), was better than every other book out there on fat loss.

Well, let’s see about that.

Before I bought the book, I took a look on the page where this guy called “Dr. Charles” – probably doesn’t exist and it’s most likely a pen name because I don’t really see a picture with him, there are only interesting drawings and portraits; that made what I’ve heard and saw from his video material, raised my bullsh*t detector to sky heights.

Before we dive into book content, I will show you what raised my “curiosity”

DISCLAIMER: There were more bullsh*t stories there but I couldn’t resist another minute on that video page because my head started to hurt from all the cr*p I was hearing.

Bullsh*t Picture Number 1:

Fat loss factor review bullshit number 1


This is just a screenshot from their video so let’s discuss the checkpoints and why they are full of fluff:

BS NR 1: Lose 2 inches from her belly – If you’ve read my other articles, you should know that losing fat from a certain area, in this example, belly, is not possible because of many reasons discussed in my other articles and it’s called the spot reduction myth.

BS NR 2: Lose 8 lbs in only 9 days: Let’s be true, who is this man who guarantees you losing exactly 9.023 lbs of fat in exactly 9 days and not more or less?

The speed of fat loss depends on your diet, program and previous training experience plus the fact that no one can give you a static number

BS NR 3: Lose inches from tight/arms – again as discussed in my spot reduction myth article, this isn’t possible.

Bullsh*t Picture Number 2:

fat burning foods bullshit - fat loss factor scam

At page 34 in the book, he talks about fat burning foods and what they can do for you but in reality, THERE ARE NO FAT BURNING FOODS!

This is only an invention to increase our curiosity in getting this book, and in reality, calories and only calories will help you lose weight. Every food you eat is just energy. There’s no food on earth that can make you burn more fat or other yada yada stories.

Let’s continue…

I wanted to leave him a comment on his official page but to my surprise there is no comment form there, only over 3000 positive comments.

I don’t really know how people could leave comments (and also note that all of them are positive), if there is no comment form on his page.

Anyways, let’s dive into the book and find out if this diet can be called fat loss factor scam:

I only took some pictures of certain chapters because putting everything here would make this review too long and boring so let’s just save our time and stay with the meat of this program:

Fat Loss Factor Review – A No Bullsh*t Approach To Analyzing Another Fat loss Book

This ebook has 141 pages of information that I analyzed carefully so I could make a summary if this is worth your time or not and the end result will surely surprise you:

The first pages of this book are mostly motivational as he starts to dig into psychology and “preparation for success” but in all seriousness, this is just motivational BS that can be found on wikipedia or other free sites.

After these first pages, he starts talking about all kind of useless and unimportant BS ranging from raw foods, explaining the glycemic index, fiber, protein, oils, etc. 

This information is rehashed from various sources and unimportant when it comes to body composition.

Than it strikes:

fat loss factor chapters explained

Again.. the fat loss burning foods bullsh*t that everybody is promoting. 

There are no fat loss burning foods my friends, they are selling you pretty ideas bottled in a fat loss book. There is only the law of thermodynamics when it comes to fat loss (and a few more minor details) which means calories in vs calories out dictates the outcome.

fat loss factor diet cleanse book program

The same applies when it comes to weight gain. There are no foods that specifically cause you to gain weight, there are only excess calories that put fat on your body.

Only from these two chapters, we start to realize that this Dr. Charles is going for bullsh*t instead of promoting genuine fat loss information but keep reading as I prepared something for you in the end.

He continues to talk about the food and supplement industry (this doesn’t really provide you any usable information on how to lose fat but nevertheless)..

Another BS:

wash away fat with water

This can’t be serious..

This guy is saying that you can speed up fat loss if you increase your water intake which is again.. BS for the reasons stated above and also common sense so please don’t fall for this.

He continues to talk about vitamins and minerals, lifestyle tips and tricks, a worthless workout program for fat loss (you will actually lose muscle mass if you go by his recommendations) and also he starts talking about high intensity interval training, recommending it for fat loss <- I don’t really go against recommendations like these but HIIT aka high intensity interval training is not necessary and potentially a negative thing when you are on a fat loss diet because your body can’t really handle too much effort, being in caloric deficit.

I could go on and on talking about why is this guy full of fluff but I hope you’ve got the essential thing here. The conclusion is that this book can be easily called fat loss factor scam.

You can be 100% sure that this fat loss factor review is one of the few (if not the only one) real reviews out there.

There aren’t many fat loss books on  the internet that can really help you but I did reviewed the few ones that can help you lose fat in a no bullsh*t manner: The top NO bullsh*t fat loss ebook reviews.

Take a look at those top fat loss books and if you have a few seconds, share this article with your friends or people that could be tricked into buying a scammy product like this and help them save their time, energy and wallet.

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