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Force factor 2 review - GNCMy force factor 2 review will be as transparent as possible.

Disclaimer: this review is my own opinion on the product based on available research studies and people reporting using it

The force factor 2 is sold as a potent pre workout supplement, created with the intention of building strength and power (or so they say on their official website).

The main ingredient of this product would be its nitric oxide content which is basically a gas that should expand your blood vessels, pumping more blood into the muscle.

While the statements they make sound really good, I will see if there is any proof this supplement really works.

Force Factor 2 Review – Creators

The official company that creates this product is Force Factor – BP3 which has its location in 105 Commerce Dr Aston, PA 19014.

Ingredients Label

 force factor 2 ingredients label and supplement facts

How To Take It?

The general recommendations are to take 2 capsules every day. A bottle has 60 capsules, so 1 bottle will cover you for like 30 days.

Because I want to make this force factor 2 review as complete as possible, from what you saw from the ingredients label, something needs more explanation:

The Dual Stage Next Gen NoXplosion Formula

What it means and what it contains?

The only explanation I could find is that this formula is comprised of “2 stages”:

  • Stage 1 – A Substrate Input Regeneration Complex
  • Stage 2 – A Dynamic NOX Enzyme Catalysis System

I’ll be true with you and recognize that I couldn’t really find any reference about these formulations in any scientific paper or book I’ve searched.

 force factor 2 formula ingredients scientist

While their statements are pretty much awesome, the reality is that there is no published peer reviewed study that tackle with their statements or prove their words that it builds strength or raises the nitric oxide levels.

I find it really funny to read that they state that this formula was created by “serious scientists”.


Any serious scientist would really publish their findings, so the first red flag for me when it comes to this product is that I couldn’t really find any study.

No research study comes out when you search research study libraries like NLOM or pubmed.

Force Factor 2 Ingredients

Because no supplement review is complete without a full analyze of its content, here you have it: taking each ingredient and watching how they react with you:

Vitamin C

This product has ~100 mg of vitamin C in 2 capsules – believe me, this is as low as you can get it!

A cheap vitamin C supplement bought from a local pharmacy has ~180 mg/pill but nonetheless..

Vitamin C is mainly linked with immune system strengthening and it may also play a role in protecting you from free radical damage, but currently, the available research studies are not enough to clearly make a final statement regarding this issue.

Calcium (Calcium ascorbate)

I believe they use the calcium ascorbate version of calcium because it may cause less side effects like diarrhea.

This version of calcium is yet another form of vitamin C, stuck with calcium together.

The thing is that there’s no evidence that calcium ascorbate can really raise the NO levels any better than simple vitamin C (which is almost non existent).

Folic Acid

Research (1) on folic acid (even if this is not the best study), clearly states that folic acid does not help with nitric oxide increase in body or helping the nitric oxide synthase enzyme get better.

This study involved a 1mg/day oral supplementation which from start exeeds the available quantities found in force factor 2, namely 600 micrograms.

I don’t really understand why they used folic acid but if the reason is that it increases nitric oxide, then my personal opinion is that the quantities are too low to observe any spectacular effect.

Stage 1 Complex Ingredients

These complex ingredients accustom for 1.285 mg and are comprised of:

Lovage Root

Its scientific name is Levisticum officinale.  It’s been used mainly as a herb and the roots as a vegetable in European cuisine.

You can find lovage tea sold as a good antiseptic or as a tea that improves digestion. (2)

Again, I suspect they wanted to help with nitric oxide levels by incorporating lovage root into the mix but I couldn’t really find any good reference that shows any effect on nitric oxide levels.


Even if on the main website, they advertise L-Citruline as a potent nitric oxide enhancer, studies (3) have shown that healthy people that received supplementation with L-Citruline actually went faster than the group with placebo. There’s something you should know though: they used 9 grams of L-citrulline which is way more than what you can find in force factor 2 supplement.

Another study done in 2010 (4) showed that 8 g of L-Citrulline helped with muscle endurance during weight training and it also decreased overall muscle soreness by approximately 40% – that’s a nice effect but I don’t really think that the quantities found in force factor 2 would really hold the same effect.

Even if L-citrulline works, it doesn’t do jack for nitric oxide levels but it can be considered as a good anaerobic performance booster.

A Good Pre-Workout Supplement?

I already finished my force factor 2 review by taking each ingredient and looking at their effects on your body but let’s also look what others are saying:

amazon force factor 2 reviews

Force factor 2 review on

Does It Help With Weight Loss?

This supplement is mainly sold as a pre-workout supplement and it has nothing to do with losing weight. It isn’t contributing in any way or helping you lose weight more easily.

Side Effects

Talking about side effects, the product wasn’t tested in human trials so I don’t really know if there are any side effects associated with supplementation.

Well, nobody can tell you for sure and if someone swears that there’s a side effect, I would suggest you not to believe him because there’s no actual evidence to support that.

Looking at ingredients one by one, my opinion is that there’s no side effect of this supplement if used correctly.

Also, because this supplement can reduce blood pressure, I believe that people that take heart or blood pressure medications should stay away from this.

Force Factor Vs Force factor 2

I had people asking me if this supplement is better than its older version named force factor but the quick answer is: both s*** because of the aforementioned reasons.

I Need A Pre-Workout Supplement!

You came to the right place!

If you want a good pre-workout supplement that actually works, check out my page: the best pre workout supplements review

Do you have any experience with these supplements? Please share your opinion with me and other readers!

References: 1, 2, 3, 4

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