Is Garcinia Cambogia The Ultimate Fat Burner? – A Transparent Review

garcinia cambogia dr oz show

Speaking of Garcinia cambogia, I will start by talking about yet another “fat burning ingredient” that hit the market with an explosive force.

This happened because it was promoted heavily on TV at Dr. Mehmet Oz’s show.

The atmosphere from this TV show was interesting because Dr. Oz bought all kind of “researchers” and “physicians”, dressed with white coats, talking about certain evidence that supposedly showed Garcinia cambogia as a potent weight loss supplement.

It’s interesting how huge influence this Dr. Oz has. Every time I see one of his recommendations at TV, the internet is boiling with searches and questions regarding his recommendations.

This “ingredient” called Garcinia Cambogia, was promoted as the magic ingredient for weight loss that should help you lose weight without diet or exercise.

Or at least that’s what they are saying on TV, newspapers, and other mass media sources where they promote this product.

Supposedly, this supplement should “inhibit” the fat creation process in your body.

The Real Fat Burning Pill?

Since there’s a huge interest in every supplements promoted at Dr. Oz’s show, I specially made this Garcinia cambogia review to give you a transparent and research based opinion.

On his show, Dr. Oz called this supplement “the newest fastest fat burner” which almost made me die from laugh attack.


This ingredient has been around for ages. Plenty of research has been done for more than 15 years ago on this ingredient so the effects of using it are well known.

Nowadays, these people are mostly interested in getting their pockets full than caring about other people’s health problems when it comes to recommending pills or magic diets.

In all seriousness, I don’t blame the viewers of this show.

Dr. Oz is one of the most influential health promoters celebrity. Also, a vice-chair and professor of surgery at the well known Columbia University.

Lately, everything I see at his show is mainly promotions without really studying the available research.

Even if this guy has some impressive medical credentials, he still chooses to promote all kinds of supplements that are hitting the market (I guess there are some nice sums of money involved here).

If you are one of those people that are going after Dr. Oz’s word, please don’t be annoyed by what I am going to tell you.

Before we go to the conclusion, I will present you some good research studies done on this product.

Garcinia Cambogia Complete Review

Also known as Malabar Tamarind, garcinia cambogia is a tiny fruit from India mainly used for enhancing the taste of different meals. It is an awesome source of hydroxycitric acid that is thought to have some interesting effects on weight loss.

Available Research

One of the best research studies I could find was done in 1998. In this research, 135 people tested it as an “antiobesity” agent, looking at the potential effects on weight loss.

If you look at the research study, it’s pretty obvious what the researchers concluded:

garcinia cambogia review research study

And believe me, there are plenty of studies that found the same result.

Recently, a better reference coming from a big group of researchers, took available research which was comprised of 12 studies that involved over 700 participants, and summarized it by doing a final review of this ingredient.

The end result again: the researchers failed to find any association between Garcinia cambogia and body weight loss.

The last research study I want to talk about here, is a trial done for a supplement called “Super Citrimax” which showed that this supplement actually helped with a 5.4% decrease in body weight after 60 days.

But wait!

There’s a catch!

If you read the study close, you will see that the participants were put on a calorie restricted diet (they ate ~ 2000 calories daily). They were also instructed to do over 30 minutes of walking, 5 days/week.

The weight loss was 100% attributed to the fact that they had been put on restricted calories and not some “super duper citrimax” bullsh*t supplement.

In that TV show, Dr. Oz. said that garcinia cambogia is inexpensive. Inexpensive for who?

Looking at some popular commerce sites that were selling this as a fat burner, the best price I could find was 16$ for 90 capsules. You would need 2 bottles a month. 

Paying over 30$/month for something that is no better than a placebo pill, is not worth the investment.

In conclusion, this is yet another cheap attempt to fool the general population into buying useless supplements.

If you used supplements that contained this ingredient, tell us what was your experience with it.

Also make other people aware that supplements containing this ingredient are useless by sharing this Garcinia cambogia review.

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