Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It Review

gary taubes why we get fat and what to do about it review ebook ebook coverThis review of the controversial book of Gary Taubes – Why we get fat and what to do about it will be kept as short as possible.

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time and as I did until now, I will offer my full transparency when doing reviews on books and also at the end of this review I’ll give you the best solution.

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Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It?

In his book, Gary Taubes (also known as a “scientific” writer – duh) tried to make some points when it comes to this whole losing fat scenario.

I will only stick to the book’s main ideas and detail them because at the end of the review, you will know if the book “why we get fat and what to do about it” is worth your time.

The basis of his book is at follows:

  • Eating a low fat diet is inherently bad
  • A low carbohydrate diet is essential for fat loss and well being
  • Calories in vs calories out model is wrong
  • If you restrict carbohydrate intake, you will be able to control your hunger
  • Putting the blame on carbohydrates when it comes to certain diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer, heart disease, etc.

Basically, after reading this book, you can almost feel the diet principles as being similar to Atkins diet.

This book is jam packed with research studies which he analyzed and presented to the general population and because he’s such a great writer (note, I said writer), knowing how to use certain persuasive words and theoretic talk, can make you really believe what he is saying.

The main idea of this book is to “limit the carbohydrate intake” because he is stating that they are the cause of obesity, heart disease conditions, diabetes and other type of diseases based on certain scientific studies he reviewed.

Basically, trying to explain why going low carb is inherently better compared to other diets.

One of the biggest flaws I found in this book which is actually “explained” in detail:

He states that if you reduce your carbohydrate intake low enough or basically restrict it, this in turn will lead to fat loss no matter how many calories per day you would consume, coming from fat or protein.

This statement is wrong in so many ways that I could really write a book on this (oh wait, I already wrote a book on the proper way to diet with no worries and actually getting results) but sticking to the subject, the truth is that in order to lose weight, we must burn more calories than we eat PERIOD!

Nothing can change that, no amount of blabling coming from his mouth can change that and certainly he’s not the person that has the knowledge to demonstrate that.

There are plenty of studies demonstrating that reducing carbohydrate intake has nothing to do with weight loss per se because what all these diets are doing is making that specific dieter reduce his caloric intake.

The Main Reason You Eat Less Calories

Another statement of Gary Taubes is that “if carbohydrates wouldn’t have existed in the world, being fat would be a rare condition”.

This is also BS because the main reason people lose weight when restricting high carbohydrate foods from their diet is because they are invariably also reducing caloric intake.

See, carbohydrate rich foods have some nice caloric content so when you restrict these foods and only focus on protein/fat foods you are already creating a caloric deficit without even knowing this.

Plus the fact that eating protein rich foods along with fats is more satiating so here’s another variable that needs to be considered.
Basically you will eat less!

Gary Taube’s Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It Diet “Plan”

Another chapter that’s pretty much useless is the dieting part:

The basic premise of his diet is eating unlimited amount of foods high in protein like meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. and no carbohydrate foods with the exception of a few vegetables that are low calories and rich in fiber (pretty nice strategy if you ask me because protein high foods are more satiating and you can’t really eat tons).

Another advice that I can’t stand is the drinking of 2 cups of bouillon daily to get rid of any salt deficiency…

Are you serious?

Who in the heck would want to do that daily?

I just hate advices like this that don’t really have anything to do with how a proper diet should look and as I said in my book The No Bs Flexible Formula To Six Pack Abs, being flexible with your diet patterns is what everyone should do.

Duh.. drinking 2 cups of bouillon my.. etc.

The most interesting part I’ve read from this book is the part where Gary Taubes actually admits that by restricting carbohydrates, people usually tend to eat less while their energy expenditure increase (not entirely true but nonetheless).

The “people eat less” part is actually what we are interested in, which means that caloric intake goes down which in turn means weight loss.


Problem solved.

Other useless examinations of this “doctor” Gary Taubes that don’t need to be detailed too much:

  • He talks about two different cow breeds and how they have different caloric partitioning – one cow gets calories to lean mass, the other on milk production BUT I don’t really see what this has to do with calories in versus calories out hypothesis or why we get fat.
  • He gives recommendations like running half marathons 5 days/week for every middle age man in order to keep weight gain at bay – the sad reality is that it’s still about calories in vs calories out and this recommendation could potentially make anyone lose weight (you know why! more exercise -> more calories burned).
  • He states that wild animals like whales and hippo’s don’t get diabetes or become overweight no matter their food supply but let’s be serious: who tracks wild animals weight and how much they eat exactly? These are just “interesting” dogma’s.

If you are a regular reader, you should know that I pretty much despise people that are trying to take advantage of other people’s problems by giving them false hope.

Ending my Gary Taubes Book review on why we get fat and what to do about it, I can pretty much say that this book is just a pile of useless research studies and dogma’s and even Gary couldn’t really come to a sound conclusion on what he said.

The only way I would recommend this book to someone is if that person would really want to waste his time with something that looks like a school science project that’s rubbish.

If you really want to learn the true reason on why we get fat, don’t waste your time with this book and read my article in which I actually simplified the explanation.

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  1. After reading Gary Taubes’ book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” (which pretty much has the same argument as “Why We Get Fat”), I actually did go on a high calorie, high protein and fat, and most importantly low carb diet. And it was actually really easy. I just ate whatever I wanted and how ever much I wanted. The only catch was that I stayed away from carbs.

    I lost a 0.5 to 1 pound a day–easily. I’m currently at 150. My brother who is 13 years old weighed 220 lbs. Obviously, that’s not good. So I got him on the exact same diet. I told him, “Eat what you want how ever much you want, but stay away from bread, sugar, and only drink water. If you really want sweets, you have to get it from fruits only.” It’s been a month now, and he’s about to be under 200 lbs. My mother in law is on the same program as well, after seeing mine and my brother’s results. It’s only been about 2 weeks for her and she’s lost 5 lbs. I mean, it’s really not much of a “program” or “diet”. It’s just eat what you want, just stay away from carbs. Regardless, I think you should actually try it out first before you assume that it doesn’t work. It’s worked for me just fine, as well as some of my family. All we had to do was try it out first. The only price I paid for was when I bought the book. Otherwise, I’m not on a strict meal/recipe plan nor do I take any supplements.

    • Of course it works Lawrence, but as I stated in the blog post, the carbohydrates are not the prime culprit for weight gain. They are just another source of calories and what this book does, is simply making you reduce calories which in turn will make you lose weight.

      There are better books out there that don’t make you believe all that carbohydrate crap and also don’t restrict you eating carbohydrates.

      I made a good top here:

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