Gowear Fit And BodyBugg Reviews – Worth It or Not?

After I discovered the “almighty” calorie and found out that it was responsible for my body composition, I started learning everything about this subject.

How many calories I needed to gain weight, lose weight or how many calories my body was expending during various exercises, etc.

I wanted to get a good idea on how much I needed to eat depending on my goals but the reality is that I did many mistakes in this area.

What Happened Next?

I wasted time without losing fat because I was underestimating my caloric requirement and I thought I was eating in deficit when in fact I was simply maintaining.

I pretty much failed to do proper bulking “chapters” in my life because I wasn’t eating enough based on the activity I was doing.

And many more…

Well , you can certainly get an approximation on how much your body is expending but if you want to do this in your sleep (worry free), I have a recommendation for you today.

In fact, this recommendation is so good that you will learn more about how your body handles certain activities and how much he expends daily depending on the tasks you are doing.

Your own mobile “laboratory”.

Introducing Gowear Fit And Bodybugg – Review

I wanted to do a Gowear Fit and Bodybugg review because this gadget is one of the best “inventions” that can be used by anyone who wants to make the process of fat loss or muscle gaining even easier.

I said “this gadget” because they are created by the same company, they do the same thing and the only difference between them is the software but it doesn’t matter.


This is a simple device that is worn on the left arm – there are plenty of demonstrative videos showing the exact location where you need to put it.

The purpose of this device is to measure caloric expenditure and it does this exact thing by using a combination of sensors (5 to be more exact), that are measuring variables like temperature, steps, acceleration, heat flux and least but not last, the galvanic skin response.

All these values are plugged into a software that has an algorithm with which it calculates your necessary caloric intake.

Pretty neat huh?

In order to see all the data, you need to connect the bodybugg or gowear fit gadget to your computer and use the software they supply.

The Gowear fit can be charged with a USB cable but the Bodybugg uses two AA batteries.

Is Gowear Fit Or Bodybugg Accurate?

My favorite feature of this device is the one that measures sleeping efficiency – it actually measures what’s the percentage of time you are sleeping.

This review wouldn’t be a proper one if we didn’t take a look at what’s important: if it works or not.

I can say without a doubt that this device has an accuracy of over 90% with the single exception of measuring cycling caloric expenditure.

It won’t really accurately track your cycling energy expenditure because your arm must be moving in order to give you an accurate result.

I Can Track My Calories For Free

Well, you can tell me that this gadget is actually useless because you already have the equations to measure how many calories per day you should eat in order to lose weight or gain, depending on your goals BUT there’s another side to this:

Having a Gowear Fit Or Bodybugg device worn daily can give you exact estimates of your caloric burn and believe me, they can vary a lot when your activity changes from day to day because one day you might move around more, one day less and so on.

Weight training days will definitely have different caloric expenditure compared to resting days.

There’s also a psychological effect of wearing a Gowear Fit Or Bodybugg armband and I say this because you will be tempted to start walking more or do way more activity when you are seeing exactly how much you are expending.

Having a device that shows you real life and live data will surely make you move around more, believe me!

Gowear Fit Or BodyBugg Sleeping Efficiency Feature

As I’ve said before, the sleeping efficiency feature is my favorite “perk” from this gadget because it gives you the ability to track how your lifestyle is affecting your sleep (which is a huge thing for everyone).

You can test how various sleep supplements, how sleep hygiene factors are impacting your sleep quality so you can adjust everything to get a better sleep.

You can also make individual tests with various dinner recipes or adjust the time when you train while observing how they are impacting your sleep.

A must for everyone in my opinion!

It basically gives you the ability to track and adjust variables that affect your sleep so you can get a better sleep each time.


Worth It?

If you are a person that tries to optimize her overall nutrition based on your body’s feedback, this gadget is a must because it provides you with invaluable data.

I managed to find it at a discounted price, click here to get the discount.

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