The Only Transparent Herbalife Diet Plan Review On The Face Of The Internet

meme herbalife diet plan reviewsHere we go again.. another free diet plan.. another plan of action.

This should be easy, right?

You’ve probably heard that the herbalife diet plan along with a combination of their products is pure “mana” for fat loss but you would be surprised to find the truth behind all these herbalife diet plans and you won’t really find any other transparent opinion on the face of the internet (they are good promoters I might say).

I didn’t know anything about this diet plan until I heard some friends of mine mentioning that their moms were using herbalife products coped with this “7 day meal plan” and their progress was good.

Well, if you didn’t know by now, I’m a person that likes to research everything until I actually believe in that actual product/service.

In this case, the today’s review is about herbalife diet and if it really works as advertised.

First, let’s take a look at an example of this diet (I found this picture on another website that promoted their products -> this isn’t surprising because most of the meal plans regarding herbalife can be found on their official website or on websites belonging to people promoting this brand.)

7 day meal plan herbalife diet plan reviews

Let’s closely analyze this diet and see what’s good:

At a more close examination, it seems like a 7 days plan with 5 meals/day.

There are three main meals: breakfast, launch and dinner coupled with two snack times between them.

Summarized, this “healthy” meal plan is mostly comprised of:

  • Meal 1: some shake with liquids
  • Meal2: fruit
  • Meal3: again, some shakes
  • Meal4: fruits/yougurtt
  • Meal5: shakes/rice

Now, in all seriousness, people reporting this diet as a good alternative to other diets are mostly people that don’t really know anything about nutrition.

I saw plenty of reviews on the internet, stating that this diet does wonders when it comes to weight loss and I don’t really have anything to say against that: It does make you lose weight but not necessarily because it is a good diet.

This diet helps you lose weight because it forces you to eat a low caloric intake which will automatically make you lose weight.

The basic thermodynamic equation (I’ll repeat this word until every person on earth knows it):

Calories in vs calories out = outcome

Just take a closer look at this diet yourself: what you see there is a rigid meal plan with 3 shakes and some fruits.

The total daily caloric intake from all these 5 meals is probably under 1000 calories.

A normal person usually burns over 2000 calories daily (for men) and over 1.300 calories daily for women.

The end result of this “extraordinary” diet plan?

Weight loss.

What I also don’t like about this diet is that it forces you to eat 5 meals/day when they don’t really have any benefit as I talked about this myth in my meal frequency myth article.

As I also stated in my book the no bs flexible formula to six pack abs, that going after a rigid meal plan can have drastic consequences at a psychological level because it forces you to develop these habits of drinking shakes all day long.

While I don’t want to imply that drinking shakes and eating fruits is a bad thing for you, the reality is that everything should be done in moderation.

A good weight loss diet should be comprised of anything you want in moderation, be it pasta, fruits, protein powders or whatever, it should keep you satisfied and not hungry and it should allow some flexibility in your life.

Like I talked about in my book, I also experimented with most of these rigid diets and I was always the person that looked weird every time I went somewhere in town to eat something.

I was like: no fried potatoes, no fried food, no coke, no beer, no nothing.

After years of research, I can say it without regret that giving up to these diets and learning the real way to diet allows me to eat anything, drink anything and still lose only FAT while maintaining or even gaining muscle mass (I put everything I know about fat loss in my book).

Conclusion To Herbalife Diet Plan Review?

Don’t fall for this stupidity, don’t fall for their overpriced products and don’t waste your time with “magic” diets.

If you want to start with the right foot without wasting your time, check out my beginner tutorials and start from there.

After a while you might want to check out some of the books I recommend or even my book in which I included everything I learnt these years, only the best information.

If you tried the herbalife diet, you can share your experience with other people by commenting bellow or you can tell us what you think about herbalife diets.

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