Review Ninja: How To See The Truth By Reading Transparent Herbalife Reviews

image of an appleA touching subject (NOT).. herbalife.

You would be surprised what you will find out about herbalife and plenty people that are promoting their products will also have something to say about this.

’m 100% positive.

While most of the reviews that I do are only one article in length, for this matter I will try to review everything that I can talk about related to herbalife and their supplements.

You will find out if there are any side effects in using herbalife supplements, if heralife supplements really work, what’s the truth about herbalife testimonials, their weight loss diet, their protein shakes and multivitamins.

Before I take this whole company and review the products, we will first see what’s the real truth about this company and how they managed to get everyone promoting their products, recommending them to their friends and family and most importantly, if they really work as advertised.

Also, I’m glad I haven’t forgot to tell you that this is 100% my independent opinion about them and I am not affiliated in any way with them.

I will never accept or promote any product or service that I didn’t personally saw, tested or read genuine research reviews that can demonstrate the fact that the product/service really works because the most important thing for me is to present everyone the reality.

Introducing Herbalife – What?

If you didn’t know, Herbalife is a multi level marketing (MLM) company that sells all kinds of weight loss, weight management, skin care, vitamin products through other people that are signing to be their promoter.

Herbalife first started their activity in the 1980’s and the yearly growth of this company was absolutely huge, selling supplements worth of 4 bilion US$ in 2012.

Four billion dollars.. now that’s what I call a successful company BUT the important thing  we need to find out is if all of their products are helping people get a better quality of life, lose weight or whatever promises they are making.

Are their products top notch when compared to other similar products in the weight loss, health industry or they are just another over expensive marketing scheme created specifically for health starved people that try everything?

There are plenty of herbalife products out there, not only weight loss ones but they also sell products like digestive health, immune system solutions, energy products, anti-aging, etc.

So what?

Well, I don’t really want to talk about other products than those focused on weight loss and general health because all those “anti-aging” products, “digestive health” are a complete utter bullsh*t when it comes to their effectiveness.

The Start Of Real No Bs Herbalife Reviews

“It’s not about selling the product, it’s about helping the real person out there”

Well, I guess that nowadays, those words are often forgot when it comes to getting money from every person out there by any means necessary.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea, I am not telling you that every company out there that tries to sell supplements only need your pocket (well, most of them anyways) because there are also good products that really help people (like a cheap protein powder, some creatine, vitamins).

It’s just that most of these MLM (multi level marketing companies) try to enter the market with over expensive products and dreams so let’s see if herbalife does the same:

pyramid scheme herbalifeFor you to understand what is herbalife, you need to get some concepts regarding a pyramid scheme:

A pyramid scheme is, as the name suggests, like a pyramid. You start the business with a person which will be named the recruiter and which is on the top of the pyramid.

This person has all the interest to capture and recruit other people under him that are required to invest a certain sum of money that will be paid to the initial recruiter so for the recruited person to make his money back, he needs to recruit more  and so on.

The second person that was recruited needs to recruite more persons and so on BUT this is not the case for herbalife, this is just to make you a general idea how pyramid schemes work.

Applying The Pyramid Scheme To Herbalife

In the case of Herbalife, this pyramid scheme gets a little bit modified, and in order to be recruited, a person has to pay a certain sum of money to acquire some of the products company sells.

After you are recruited, you will get certain discounts to all of the company products and you can sell them to other people and make some profit.

You can also recuit other people under you or you can stick to just selling products on your own (of course, if you recruit other people to sell products, you will get a certain % of their commission or sales).

This is where the interesting part comes:

Most if not all the MLM’s are selling products that have no independent value.

The actual product can take many forms ranging from bundled products to mail lists and most people that buy these products actually join the company.

So Herbalife is a pyramid scheme company and their main scope is to make a profit out of any person they recruit.

The reason they are so successful is mainly attributed to the fact that their marketing teams that handle the training of new recruits are some of the top notch bullsh*tters in the industry.

If you by chance are interested in promoting Herbalife products, you will see for yourself that they will actually try to sell you the idea or the dream that these products are actually the best on the market or they really do wonders for your health.

They are really intelligent in the way they are putting down the matter of “selling” because they will try to make everyone become addicted to the general “healthy” idea.

Some time ago I was at my girlfriend’s house and a good friend of hers came to us, excited by her new “discovery” of these herbalife products.

I could see the passion of distributing “health” in her eyes and she was completely sold on the concept that herbalife will do wonders for her health, weight loss, family health.

My opinion is that Herbalife’s success is mainly attributed in the way they handle the new recruits and make them sell with passion.

I mean, who wouldn’t believe a family member when it comes to you and shows you some tasty products that should improve certain health markers, lose weight, reduce appetite, make you feel better, etc?

If you have no nutritional knowledge or follow some no bullsh*t blogs, your pocket is almost guaranteed to fall for this.


What About Herbalife Product Reviews?

If it were for me to review all of their products, I can tell you without a remorse that they are of average quality.

Not only that but you are probably paying 10-20-30x the price they are worth and when compared to other products of similar price, there is not even a fair competition.

Similar products will always win.

I don’t imply that those meal replacement products or protein shakes are only a scam and they don’t really work.

They are what they say: in the case of protein powders (usually soy protein, whey concentrate or a mixture of these plus other type of protein powders).

I tasted most of their protein shakes and meal replacement products, the taste is alright but nothing special.

The problem here is the quality and price.

You pay for a premium product but you only get a dream of a premium product and you will see why’s that in the links bellow.

Why I Tell You This?

I want you to become conscious about your health, supplement usage and plenty of health aspects so you can make only the best decisions.

I encourage you to read my other Herbalife reviews because I dissected them piece by piece bellow so I won’t make this too long (it’s already too long).

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