Can Herbalife Products Cause Side Effects And What’s The Fix?

As with any well known product company, there are people that are wondering if there are any herbalife side effects associated with supplementation.

I think I made the only transparent herbalife reviews on the internet – I see that most people are promoting herbalife because they just want to increase their brand/commissions.

That’s why we got so many positive reviews about herbalife: people that are doing the reviews are either promoters of their products (they want to get some money out of us) or they just don’t know too much about nutrition and training so as soon as they use those products and they see some results, they attribute those same results to the supplement usage.

I guess that there are people that fall into all this “herbalife products are the best” trap without knowing but we won’t really focus on them.

When we talk about side effects of a supplement, we want to see if there are any negative changes in health markers or body composition that we should know about.

For example, using the ECA stack (the eca stack is a stimulant used for weight loss that contains caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine) in the wrong way can cause heart palpitations, anxiety and a full plethora of serious side effects.

If it were for us to take a look at herbalife products, most of them are just a mixture of ingredients that you can find separately and just bundled together.

Ingredients like whey protein, soy protein, vitamins, minerals, shellfish, caffeine, etc.

There is a lot of misconception on the internet regarding the possible herbalife side effects associated with supplementation.

Examples of “herbalife side effects”

1. Nervousness, headache, high blood pressure – these side effects are mostly reported by people that think caffeine is a bad thing for their system.

Well, the reality is other: caffeine is one of those well researched “supplements” that only show positive effects associated with its consumption like decreased diabetes risk, increased cardiovascular health, improved exercise performance, improved health, increased lipolysis, increased caloric expenditure, increased fat oxidation, etc.

A good example of a properly done study on caffeine found that the only negative side effect should be its usage in high doses when you are pregnant or if you have heart problems.

2. Allergenic people to protein powders/testosterone lowering protein powders like soy protein

Take a look at these pictures

herbalife side effects 1

herbalife side effects 2

In most of their protein shakes and powders, soy protein is one of the main ingredients (all the time, the ingredient % in a box is greater in the first spots, so in this case, soy protein is the main ingredient of this shake).

Almost all the time, soy protein isolates are usually fortified with limited amino acids because of the need to increase their overall quality.

Soy protein powders can be sometimes higher in certain amino acids when compared to whey, egg or casein.

This is why the low cost of this protein is so addicting for supplement companies because they can create low priced products.

And when compared to whey, soy protein is without a doubt worse in terms of promoting lean muscle mass gains, as this study also found out.

The only negative side effect when talking about soy protein would be potential testosterone lowering problems because of high phytoestrogen intake so the best thing you can do here is to limit soy protein intake which will in turn render these products useless.

Bloating – depending on your tolerance to whey, soy, egg or other macronutrients, you can get bloated no matter what type of supplement you use.

In my case, I don’t have any problems with bloating and I can use any kind of protein powder without a problem. You need to experiment and see what type of protein powder your body can handle the best (most people can handle any type of protein powder).

Also be sure that you are not allergic to some type of protein.

As you can see, there are no herbalife side effects associated with their product consumption but this doesn’t mean that their products are the best  you can find.

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  1. about harble life product people say that its badly effect on kidney .
    . can u tell me its true??

    • No Monica. Most side effects that are reported are nonsense, or they don’t have anything to do with herbalife. Their products are just too expensive for the cheap ingredients they use

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