How Does Herbalife Really Works And Their Success Stories

coins - how does herbalife really work and their success storiesThe main subject today is again, herbalife and it’s “quality” products, service and the general spirit that people promoting them are having.

It’s Always The Same

As soon as you discover a new diet book, magic pill or something that could sound as the holy grail of fat loss/health, you want to know the truth about the product or service.

So what you do next?

If you are smart, before any purchase of the product or service is done, you will seek reviews to see if other people have tried it and if it worked.

Well, I just did that: I pretended to be a new person that just discovered herbalife and because I’ve heard so many good things about them, I started searching on youtube, google and various newspapers to see what are the people that tried them saying.

Are there any positive reviews? Are there any video testimonials from actual users?

Well, sort of.

Most of the reviews regarding herbalife that can be found are related to making money with them by selling people their products so in this sense I feel that they are not a scam.

So the big bulk of reviews on herbalife is their marketing and earning system at which I can say that it’s pretty well constructed.

That’s why they had so many sales in the last years and that’s why their brand is recognized world-wide.

But what we are interested in is if does herbalife products really work and if they are the best choice when it comes to weight loss supplements, health supplements, vitamins and minerals, various skincare products, etc.

How Does Herbalife Really Work?

The final answer is that herbalife as a pyramid scheme or MLM company is genuine – you can pretty much earn money by fooling helping other people buy their over expensive cheap low quality high quality products.

I say low quality because most of them are just like that: soy protein powders sold at a premium price and if it were for you to buy a really good whey protein powder, the price would be the same.

The price can be the same but in my view, research studies and other peoples experience, whey is always better than soy.

As discussed the herbalife side effects, excessive soy protein intake in any form is not a good thing for your body because you can easily get a high intake of phytoestrogen which is a concern mainly in male population.

Speaking of their products, I would never spend so much money and time with them because they will 100% give you lower results than you might expect when comparing with other similar products.

You can find cheap alternatives to their products at the upmost minimal price on the market and you still get a better deal in terms of protein quality and price.

I just want people to know the truth about this brand and I’m not necessarily bashing it or hate it, it’s just that their products are over expensive and most of their nutritional knowledge regarding forming a proper diet or recommending certain supplements to “fix certain” problems is non-existent.

Just take a look at their herbalife diet plan and see what’s wrong with it.

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