The Never-Try This Guide On How To Get Fat Fast Using Three Easy Steps

how to get fat fast we eat batmanThis is going to be a good one…

Well , I wrote so many tutorials, guides, tips on how to lose weight but I don’t really see a good one on how to get fat fast.

I got the idea to write this article after seeing a question on a frequented bodybuilding forum some time ago which had the title “How can I get fat fast?”.

Nonetheless the question was pretty weird in my eyes because most people were searching on fat loss solutions and no one would really want to get fat consciously.

So it struck me: Why don’t I write a guide on this issue so people that want to lose weight will have a practical “How to get fat guide” and people that wanted to really try and get fat (I hope no one will ever try this), will have a proper guide on doing so.

Remember that my sole purpose for this guide was to actually make people aware of this fact, but how you use the information is mainly your problem.

Trying to get fat fast and stay like that is a sure recipe for health problems, joint problems, hormonal problems and a whole host of other problems that  come with these so I encourage anyone NOT TO TRY THIS!

How To Get Fat Fast Checklist

1. Limit your activity levels

Doing activity means burning calories which in turn adds up to your resting metabolic rate which will form your necessary daily caloric intake.

As you probably got it by now, limiting/not doing any activity will be the first step to lower down your caloric expenditure which will prepare you for weight/fat gain.

2. Exclude weight training\any kind of training from your hobbies

Weight training influences the so called P-ratio also known as the partition ratio which means that a certain percentage of calories will get stored as muscle mass and the rest will go to your fat stores.

Of course, if we want you to get as fat as possible, the P-ratio should be in favor of fat storage so limiting training with weights will ensure this.

3. Eat, eat and eat again


The primary recipe to form the fat man.

Get it in the right quantities and you are guaranteed you’ll get fat in no time.

As a matter of fact, read my article on how many calories per day you need to lose weight and just do the opposite: after you calculate your necessary caloric maintenance level, just eat as much as you can over that.

Because 1 pound of fat equals ~3500 calories, the only thing limiting the speed of fat gain is additional calories over maintenance.

Learning how to get fat fast is simple and believe me, food choices have nothing to do with how fast you get fat!

In order for you to be able to eat as much as possible, choose the most processed options out there: fast food, fries, pasta’s, etc.

 Basically any kind of calorically dense food.

This is the basic guide and in all seriousness, everything you need in order to get fat fast.

So, depending on how fast you want to get fat, you can start by applying these principles starting from now! – of course I am joking.

Alternatively, a better weight gaining method is by bulking up and I actually wrote two guides here: bulking on a budget and how to bulk up.

If you want to use a better alternative to getting fat, these two guides should put you on the right track.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible of any potential person that will get the title of the fattest person alive so don’t use this guide and put the blame on me.

Good luck!

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