3 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Love Handles Forever

two love handlesBefore I dive deeper into the whole issue of “how to get rid of love handles fast”, I first want everyone that is searching for this, to get rid of any “fat loss secrets” or the “holy grail of fat loss” books, courses or any guru stuff you might have around.

I’m serious!

This is the first step in getting rid of love handles.

The reason your “love handles” are still staying strong on your sides is because you didn’t actually found a solution to this problem or you simply looked in the wrong direction all this time.

The good news are that now you just found the most awesome resource on the face of the earth that will help you get rid of your love handles for real (I know… I am being modest here).

What’s A Guru?

the definition of guruA guru is a Sanskrit word that has the meaning of spiritual teacher but in the bodybuilding communities, the word guru is mainly used to display an “fat loss expert”, “muscle gaining expert” and so on…

What’s A Dogma?

It mainly means that someone is basing all his information on certain assumptions instead of looking after actual evidence and getting a transparent and useful conclusion.

Basically an opinionated person.

See how these two go hand in hand?

What Has This To Do With Getting Rid Of Your Love Handles Fast?

Well, they are closely related because even if your question is accurate and well formulated, the answers you will probably find are from general fat loss guru’s.

Opinion + Guru = craptastic results (I just made up this word)

In all seriousness, losing your love handles is just another myth that was spread around by bodybuilders and all these “guru’s” and is comparable with the other myth which is “losing stomach fat” or something around the lines.

It’s been demonstrated in some good research studies and practical application that you can’t really spot reduce body fat.

Basically, the question “how to lose love handles fast” it’s doomed from the start because you can’t spot reduce body fat.

Your love handles will come off only if you will start losing fat and get to a lower percentage.

Also you need to understand that getting rid of your love handles is a process that takes time and they will probably come off just before you finish losing fat from your lower abdominals.

All you need to do is create the right mindset and stop chasing a goal that can’t be attained because of a physiological impossibility.

The correct question would sound like this: “how can I lose fat?”.

Nonetheless, here’s how you apply proven fat loss principles:

Fast Application

1. Spot reduction is not possible: read about the spot reduction myth

2. Getting rid of your “love handles” is done by dieting and calculating how many calories per day you need in order to lose fat

3. I would recommend a good training program to keep your muscle mass – scroll down to training programs on this page.

Simple as that.

I also created my own system that works flawlessly for anyone and I used it successfully on myself and other clients to help them lose fat and get shredded. You can read more about it here.

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