There’s No Secret On How To Get Six Pack Abs – You Already Know It

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I am still amazed of the fact that so many people are still searching the “magic bullet”, the “secret” or anything controversial that can make their journey to these so called “six pack abs” effortless.

Well, I am not here to disappoint you, I am here to help you become more conscious about what you can do and what you can’t do when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle or getting stronger.

I promise you that by the time you finish reading this article, you will know more about nutrition and training than all of your knowledge gathered from various sites or resources that you might have been visiting for a while.

Well, I say this because I am 100% confident that I am able to help anyone lose fat without all the bullsh*t 6 meals/day myths, “clean eating dogma“, foods to never eat issues, eating too many eggs and cholesterol problem and many more.

All these myths were created by people that didn’t had the time and knowledge to really create something that’s actually true and useful for people that are searching for a good way to shed that fat off their body.

The End Result?

Misinformation, circulating myths, appearance of all these muscle gaining or fat loss “guru’s” that are still trying to sell you snake oil “supplements” in the form of an ebook, course or anything that would fall in that category.

In my opinion, all these myths and misinformation will not disappear in the short future…

They will always find a way to squeeze themselves in a form that’s more attractive to the general public and easier to access.

They Are All Wearing Masks

fat loss bottles - how to get six pack absIn the early times of supplements selling, most of these so called doctors or healers were patrolling the streets with a mobile “drug store” and they were trying to make people gather in a circle by “selling” them “solutions” and “ideas” to problems that require an “expert” attention.

Most people don’t know how to lose weight so when they want to try to do it themselves, they most likely will fail.

If that person had a weak mind, the end result would have been a fast give up.

If that person had a strong will, he would start searching right and left for the answer to her problems.

Positioning Is Everything!

This is exactly what these “snake oil” sellers were doing!

Positioning themselves as experts and sold dreams.

And they did this job so well that in fact, most of them got rich.

Dream sellers – this is how I call them

What Changed In Our Days?

Well, to be as transparent as possible, NOTHING!

These primitive “snake oil” sellers are still around us every day:

  • You see them almost every day in commercials at TV trying to sell either a new diet, supplement or idea
  • You see them when you walk into a grocery store – in advertisements, fat loss products, fat loss “foods”, etc.
  • You can find them virtually everywhere on the internet (just try to search for a fat loss book – you might be surprised to find out there are hundreds or even thousands or these books but most of them are usually rehashed cr*p sold by people that either hired writers or rewrote them from other bs books).

These snake oils didn’t disappeared!

They just evolved into something more advanced to keep up with technological advancement so they can still continue selling people, dreams.

They will continue to do that until someone will get the truth out somehow and here’s how I intervene.

The truth is that you only need three fundamental things in order to be able to reach a six pack abs look (of course it also depends at what % body fat you are starting because if you are 300 lbs and want to go down to 160 lbs ripped, your will probably need to do some surgery to cut off the excess skin):

  1. Calculate your necessary caloric intake and create a caloric deficit.
  2. Choose a good training program – I made a list of them here (just scroll down to training programs)
  3. Be consistent with your diet and training program and keep it going until you lose all the fat

That’s all folks, in all seriousness!

If you want something more advanced and perfectly fit together, in The No Bs Flexible Formula To Six Pack Abs I wrote down everything I know about fat loss.

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