How To Lose Weight – 112 Fast, Easy, Safe Tips

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You probably know what you have to do in order to lose weight. Eat less, exercise more, eat healthier, take some weight loss supplements. But this advice doesn’t work all the time. Even if most diets are based on this “formula”, it seems that there’s no one treatment to obesity as of now. Instead, fat loss “gurus”, come up with diet schemes all the time. There’s a massive spamming going on Facebook, and Google advertising right now.

Everybody’s trying to make you believe their approach is the best. I can bet you’ve seen at least one diet advertisement that promises the “holy grail of fat loss”. Instead of doing that, take a few minutes and read my 112 tips on how to lose weight without nonsense or hype.

I gathered these weight loss tips through the years of dieting I did until now. I also wrote a mini-guide at the end about a supplement that reduces carbohydrate cravings. This supplement synergizes well with these weight loss tips.

1. There’s no secret weight loss “formula”. Avoid people trying to sell you into a “secret” way to lose weight. There’s no substitute to hard work, and dedication. There’s no secret out there. Even my diet, and training programs still takes advantage of the calories in versus calories out formula. All diets work like this.

2. Don’t let yourself fooled by the so called “experts”. Dr. Mehmet Oz is one example. He is one of the most trusted names on TV. Every time he appears on the screen, millions of people watch him. He frequently recommends fat loss supplements on TV, without sound scientific evidence. This went for years until some people uncovered the reality. His response? He said that most supplements he recommends don’t have a sound scientific evidence but he recommends them to his audience because he gives them to his family. That’s a bold statement but not a smart move.

3. Simplify your weight loss. Everybody’s complicating weight loss. Everyone’s coming up with new ideas, “the best programs”, the new shiny diet. They are just complicating it. Find out the things that give you the biggest results, and do those. For example, instead of concentrating on eating organic foods, just eat normal ones. The difference is probably close to none.

4. Do it now. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, the perfect diet, or the perfect training program. Just do it right now. Get up from the chair, and move. Join a gym today. Start your diet. Right now if you can. If you don’t take action, you won’t succeed. Excuses don’t bring results. Action does.


5. Avoid hype diets or training programs. Chose a solid diet and training program, and stick to it. If you keep going from a program to another, you are just spinning your wheels.

6. Avoid hype science. The dash diet. The metabolic diet. The cabbage diet. And any diet that tries to convince you that it is the next best thing, is probably overrated. Eat more, you will gain weight. Eat less, you will lose weight. The weight loss formula is easy to understand but fat loss gurus try to complicate it for profit. Avoid any diet that tries to disguise behind hype science.

7. There’s no “Best way on how to lose fat”. Basically, any diet you’ve heard about, tries to do the same thing: make you eat less, and exercise more. Don’t search for the shortcut, or the “perfect diet”. Chose one, and stick to it as long as it gives you results.

8. Take a weight loss challenge. A challenge might be the missing link to constant weight loss in your case. A challenge will always psych you up, and motivate you to succeed. For example, a 30 day weight loss challenge in which you commit to lose 15 pounds. After you finish the challenge, make sure you set up a new goal.

9. Don’t limit yourself. People that surpass their goals are those that try more than the rest. Don’t limit yourself to just the bare minimum required to progress. Take the extra mile. My training program usually takes 35 to 40 minutes. Do 45 minutes instead.

10. Analyze your habits. What are you doing wrong? It doesn’t take a phychologist to show you this. Analyze your bad habits, get aware of them, note them down, concentrate on improving/changing them for the better.

11. Focus on the present moment. Thinking about your past failures can demotivate you. Focusing just on the end result of your dieting, can make you anxious, and play with your mind. What you do today, in this moment, matters the most. Take advantage of this moment. Make it count.

12. Find your burning desire. No one can make you succeed at your weight loss goals better than you can. Find out what can make you stick to the plan. Whenever is the beach body you desire, or a planned event in your life, make sure you find it.

13. Get motivated. Unless you seriously desire to lose weight, and attain a better body, no weight loss program will work. How can you get motivated? Why do you want to lose weight? Write it down on paper, and keep it in front of you every day.

14. Set a clear goal. Before you set up your goal, make sure you have realistic expectations. Instead of expecting a 30 pounds weight loss in the next week, go with a more realistic weight loss goal. A good example of a realistic weight loss goal, is 4-8 kg in the next 4 weeks. This accounts to 1-2 kg of weight loss every week.


15. Visualize your goal. When I first wanted a car, I knew I had to work more to get it. So I just got a big poster with the car I wanted, and put it on my desk so I could view it every morning. This motivated me to work harder, and achieve the goal of owning my dream car. You can do the same, by printing a poster with a fitness figure.

16. Create smaller goals. Don’t think about losing 15 pounds in 7 days. You may fail to do so, and you might enter a mental state in which you’ll demotivate yourself. You might start thinking seriously that nothing is working for you.

17. Set up a plan of attack. If you want to achieve your goals, you must have a plan. A plan that will drive you towards your specific goal. Let’s say you don’t do weight training now, and your diet is awful. You can start by going to a gym. That can be the first option on the menu. You also have to change your eating habits. That can be the second idea. So, what’s the plan?

18. Count calories. If you still try to find out how to lose weight, this advice is the most important of them all. Sooner or later, you will have to do it. You will have to count calories. At least until you learn how to approximate the food you have to eat in order to lose weight. This is the easiest way to make sure you maintain a caloric deficit.

19. Keep a food diary. I always keep a food diary whenever I want to lose or gain weight. This will help you identify the foods you are most likely to binge on, and the foods that help you lose weight. This will in turn help you identify your good and bad habits.

20. Consider a short-term fasting diet. The usual intermittent fasting protocol for a short-term fasting diet is 16 hours of fast with a 8 hour eating window. Implement it daily, and you should lose weight because of reduced caloric intake due to decreased hunger.

21 Eat breakfast. I usually recommend intermittent fasting to most people but if you are one of those people that can’t keep hunger down without a breakfast, then by all means have it. Make sure you watch your caloric intake.

22. Eat foods that suppress appetite. Foods like apples, oatmeal, beans, eggs, yogurt, vegetables. Without going too much into this, look for foods that are high in fiber. The United States Science Academy recommends an intake of 20-30 grams of fiber/day. The average fiber intake in America is 12-18.

23. Eat at a table. Eating on the run, or eating in the front of your fridge, can make you sip calories without even realizing. This is especially true if you open your fridge, and try everything that looks appealing. Don’t make the mistake of believing that if you just have a snack from your favorite foods, it won’t do any bad. Believe me, it will be hard to keep yourself from trying more foods.

24 Don’t skip meals. There’s a psychological part of eating your meals the old fashioned way. Breakfast, launch, and dinner. You are less likely to get hungry and overeat if you keep yourself well fed between meals.


25. Eat your veggies. Considered the most overused childhood advice from our parents, eating vegetables increases the fullness you get. Vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber content. You can’t overeat on vegetables.

26. Find your step-by-step program. Following a step by step program is easier than exercising, and dieting haphazardly. I have a recommended books section on my site, where I reviewed all the books, and courses that show you exactly how to lose fat or gain muscle the right way. I also have my own step-by-step course in which I show you exactly how you can lose all the fat you have with just a few short training sessions, and by eating foods you enjoy. It also comes with personal access to me through a private forum.

27. Have patience. Still wondering how to lose weight fast and easy? It takes years, maybe decades to gain a lot of weight. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you must set realistic expectations. If it took you years to get to that weight, it won’t take just a few weeks to get rid of it. My fastest weight loss is 8.6 pounds of weight loss in just 4 days but the diet I did can be used just once every few months. Steady, and slow is the right way to lose weight. Don’t embark on crash diets. You won’t reach your weight loss goals faster. Crash dieting will fail you sooner or later.

28. Read food labels. Make it a habit when you are just starting out. You will thank me later. Reading food labels will help you approximate the food you have to eat in order to lose weight. The food label is the most useful tool when it comes to fat loss.

29. Plan a cheat meal. Instead of constantly fighting your cravings, plan a cheat meal as a reward for your weight loss efforts. For example, after 2 weeks of hard dieting, plan a 500 to 1000 calories cheat meal in a weekend. It won’t hurt your weight loss efforts if you don’t overdo it.

30. Don’t let small stuff ruin your diet. If you gave in, and ate a portion of fried potatoes, or a few cookies, don’t give up to your diet for that day. Stop there. You made a small mistake. Consistency is way more important than a small mistake. Don’t sweat over that. You are still good to go.


31. Start a weight training program. If you want to lose weight, and keep it off, weight training will help you do that. Using weight training is the only way to make sure you don’t lose muscle mass due to decreased caloric intake, and weight loss.

32. Get a workout partner. I always workout with a friend of mine. We go to gym at the same date, and time. He motivates me to work harder. I motivate him the same. But I don’t really need a workout partner to progress. It just makes the process more enjoyable. If you think you need someone to drive you into a gym, then by all means search that friend, or convince him to come with you.

33. Get organized. Losing weight is not just about training, and eating less. You’ll still have to take care of your life. Going to a certain hour at the gym, eating a certain number of calories a day requires organizing. Eating your meals every day, requires organizing. You must organize your diet and training program if you want to succeed at losing weight on long term.

34. Get the next level motivation. If I lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks, I’ll go on a weekend vacation. But only if I succeed. Make it sound like you. This in turn will motivate you even more to succeed. Note it down on a piece of paper, and stick it to your fridge.

35. Get a good reason. The best reason why you should lose weight is YOU. You should do it for you. You are the most important person in the world, for YOU.

36. Don’t track your weight too frequently. Sure, you might be getting daily progress. But for the most part, your weight will fluctuate daily. You can be 2 pounds lighter today, and 3 pounds heavier tomorrow. That can demotivate you if you look for daily progress. That’s not how you measure progress on a diet. Weight yourself weekly, or every two weeks. That’s a more accurate method of tracking your results.

37. Implement jogging. Whenever I want to fire up the rate at which I lose weight, I incorporate at least 20 minutes of jogging 2-3 times/week. It gets that fire burning hormones activated.

38. Try small bouts of exercise. Instead of sitting and watching TV when you have some free time, try to fit in some body weight exercises. Crunches, planks, burpees,  jumping jacks, chin ups, push ups, squats, are just a few examples.

39. Walk the pet. If you have a pet, it might just be one factor that motivates you to get out, do some additional activity, and burn some calories. Start low, and gradually increase the time you walk your pet. If you walk it 10 minutes today, try 12 tomorrow, and so on. All that walking adds up.


40. Don’t overtrain. Symptoms of overtraining include injury, lack of energy, sleepiness, reduced immune system function, and many more. Generally, people that ovetrain are the ones that exaggerate with training, and cardio. Don’t go on a 7 day a week training program, and daily cardio. It will only last you a few weeks until you enter an overtraining phase.

41. Do something. Staying busy through the day might be the best strategy against eating because of boredom.

42. Drink a lot of water. While water doesn’t have any direct implication to weight loss, some people experience decreased appetite, and prolonged feeling of fullness with increased water intake. You might want to try drinking water before or after a meal. It might help lower your appetite

43. Allow yourself a healthy “cheat”. If you go on a rigid diet that forces you on a “healthy” approach 24/7, sooner or later you will give up, and gorge on your favorite food. Leave room for a few healthy snacks for the week. This includes fruit salads, and maybe juices. Moderation is the key here.

44. Limit eating outside. Eating at restaurants has its advantages, and disadvantages. The advantage is you get ready to eat food without making an effort to cook it. The disadvantage is the temptation. If you like eating at a restaurant, make sure you favor ordering a salad instead of pasta. You get the point.

45. Create healthy habits, destroy the bad ones. Let’s put it into perspective. If a regular smoker that doesn’t exercise, joins a gym, and quits smoking, you can guess he will lose weight even if he doesn’t change his diet at all. I wrote a book on creating healthy habits, and avoiding mindset mistakes that can make you fail to lose weight or gain muscle. You can check it out, here – It is completely FREE.

46. Get motivated with music. I get the most productive workouts when I load up a playlist with my favorite songs, and play them while working out. You should try that too if you are not doing it now.

47. Don’t keep tempting foods inside. Just knowing that delicious chocolate you love is just at an arm length, is usually enough to make you try it at least once. Do a purge, and get rid of any foods that’s on the “tempting” list.


48. Avoid tempting supermarket areas. When you shop, try to avoid areas that are packed with sweets, or foods high in calories like pizza, ice cream, cookies. That way, you’ll be less temped to throw them into the shopping cart.

49. Cheat your way out of fast-food. If you must necessarily eat some fast food because you crave it badly, do it the right way. Instead of ordering the biggest thing on the menu, go with a small portion of fried chicken or fried potatoes.

50. Leave room for desert. Whenever I want to eat dessert or sweats, and I want to stay on track with my weight loss, I either do additional exercise for the day or I eat fewer calories through the day until the desert comes.

51. Start a new class. Usually, weight lifting leaves me without energy. But my mind is stronger than this. I discovered I can reach extreme levels of fat loss once I started a kick boxing class. Last time I went on an extreme diet, I lost 8.6 pounds but I managed to lose 6 pounds in a week by incorporating a new class.

52. Throw away late night eating. Intermittent fasting is one of my preferred eating management systems, and I proved it in my book. When I want to lose weight, I usually stop eating after 20:00PM. This way I make sure I don’t eat junk food at night.

53. Watch your portion size. Fruits are considered a staple of any diet. But there’s a downside to them. Eat too many, and you can sabotage your weight loss. I have a friend that fell into the trap of drinking fruit juices, and fruit salads, 2-3 times a day between meals. After a few months, he complained he wasn’t losing weight. After I asked him what he ate, I found the problem. His juices were adding 500 to 900 calories every day. That was enough to offset any caloric deficit he tried to make.

54. Substitute your favorite sweets with low calorie foods. Instead of eating cookies for desert, you might want to consider a fruit. Instead of cooking your food with oil or butter, consider a cooking spray that doesn’t have calories.

55. Avoid sugar liquids. Instead of drinking energy drinks that are packed with sugar, drink coffee. Instead of drinking chocolate milk, chose plain skim milk.

56. Consider a hobby that involves moving. Any activity you enjoy doing that involves moving, is a good starting point to burn more calories. Burning more calories means you can lose more weight.

57. Choose your favorite way of training. I am an adept of personalizing exercising for every person. If you don’t like weight training, pick an exercise type you enjoy doing. Consistency is more important in the long term than hating your exercise session every time you do it.


58. Chose whole body workouts. How to lose weight with this type of training? They burn more calories than isolation workouts. They make you do more work in less time. They train your body in a functional way. They help you increase strength, and muscle mass faster. The takeaway? Start with compound movements, and play with isolation exercises at the end of your workout.

59. Try circuit training. Also known as metabolic work, circuit training burns many calories in a short period of time. These type of workouts are perfect for occasions when you want to lose weight as fast as possible. You can add circuit training after your normal weight training session, or you can implement it as your main training program. You can find many circuit training examples on Youtube.

60. Get enough sleep. This is self explanatory. Take care of your sleep, and you should have a constant energy supply through the day, without energy swings. Having energy will allow you to train harder, thus burn more calories, and lose more weight.

61. Eat protein, fat, and vegetables at each meal. This is the ideal way to eat your way towards weight loss.

62. Use carbohydrate reefeds. If you reach a fat loss plateau, a carbohydrate reefed might be the missing link to continue losing weight. Eat an additional 500 calories of carbohydrates that day, and that should kick start the fat burning again. I detailed carbohydrate reefed when I talked about how you can lose stubborn body fat.

63. Avoid “fat burning” supplements. Most of the top fat burners on the market, don’t work as advertised. Most fat loss supplements are surrounded by hype, and marketing, instead of being covered by results, and sounds scientific evidence. One supplement that’s scientifically proven to work by increasing your metabolic rate by 5-10%, is this one.

64. Drink tea or coffee. Caffeine increases fat mobilization. It is considered one of the best, and cheapest termogenic supplements. It increases your metabolism, and fat mobilization.


65. Don’t overdo it with “healthy” foods. Natural peanut butter, almond butter, honey, are all considered healthy food choices. You still have to keep in mind their caloric content, and limit them. It is easy to overeat on this stuff.

66. Eat when hungry. Make sure you know how many calories you need to eat in order to lose weight, and limit the food intake to those calories. Don’t eat when you are not hungry. Your body knows better when you should eat. Always try to lose weight without staying hungry.

67. Favor real food. Choose the food that’s least processed.  Meat, vegetables, dairy, seeds, nuts. Instead of using meal replacements, or processed food like salami, use the real food counterparts. Why? You get more vitamins and minerals, you’ll stay fuller, and you’ll eat less calories.

68. Eat it, don’t juice it. Research shows that liquid food is less satiating compared to a whole food. Think about fruits. Eat them whole. Don’t drink them.

69. Eat “dirty” foods in moderation. Instead of completely banish foods you consider dirty, try to make a peace treaty with them. It is way better to eat a food you crave, in moderation, than to completely cut it off the menu. I’ve heard many stories of people going on a diet, and completely restricting the foods they enjoy eating. Their diet went well until they slipped.

70. Track your progress. The scale is your friend, my friend. There’s a saying: “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”. If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know if your diet is working or not. You don’t know what you should do. Should you eat like you currently eat, should you eat less? The only way to correctly assess the situation is to track your progress.

71. Eat a balanced meal. Combine high protein foods, with vegetables, and starchy carbohydrates. Compared to a plate with just plain rice or white bread, a balanced plate will give you more energy, vitamins and minerals.

72. Take vitamins and minerals. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly. This also involves fat loss. If you are on a fat loss diet, you are probably not getting enough vitamins and minerals due to decreased food intake. I can bet you are not eating enough vegetables to get enough vitamins and minerals. Getting enough vitamins and minerals is a must for your health, and weight loss.

73. Show some love. Having frequent sex means you will burn additional calories. This means improved weight loss due to increased caloric deficit. There are studies that show sex burns over 100 calories in 30 minutes, and studies that show it only burns on average, 21 calories. Who’s right? No one knows for sure how active you are in the bedroom. But the additional caloric burn is real. Make it count.

74. Limit/replace fatty foods. For example, if you eat fatty meat, full fat milk, fried potatoes, try to replace them with lean meat, skim milk, mashed potatoes. Use the low-fat options whenever possible. Why? You’ll eat the same amount of food but it will have less calories. Eating less calories means you lose weight. Simple.

75. Eat 1-3 fish portions weekly. Fish is a great source of high quality protein, and omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary for good health, and healthy weight loss. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two servings a week. Omega 3 fatty acids has been found to have benefic effects for the heart of people with high risk of cardiovascular disease, and healthy people. They also decrease blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and slow down atherosclerosis.


76. Eat on a smaller plate. As weird as this might sound, it works. You can only stuff so much food on a small plate. This is a psychological trick that changes your perception of the food quantity you are eating. Try it next time you eat.

77. Party the clean way. If you are going to a party, limit alcohol intake as much as possible. Too much alcohol intake lowers testosterone, while moderate alcohol intake has positive effects on insulin sensitivity, and decreases triglyceride concentrations. Basically, it can help you lose fat. Even so, limit it as much as possible. I don’t want people to blame me for their inability to lose weight because they thought I was recommending them to drink. Good alcohol choices are low carb wines, scotch, tequila, cognac, rum, and whiskey.

78. Chew food slowly. On average, overweight people chew food faster than slimmer people. Train yourself to eat slower, and enjoy your food, more.

79. Skip TV ads.  Food companies target TV ads from at least one good reason. We now know it. A University from California created a research study to see what happens when you watch food ads. It seems they can trigger hunger. Skip the ads.

80. Tell some friends about it. It is way harder to quit going after a goal if you told some people about it. You’ll be less likely to not follow your plan compared to a situation in which you keep the weight loss goal for yourself.

81. Go for a walk. Even if it’s for just 5 minutes. Everything adds up. Do it daily, and it will count even more.

82. Make it a challenge. If losing money motivates you, there’s an interesting service that takes advantage of this psychological issue. Stickk is a service that tries to help you set goals, and achieve them by making a pledge in money. Check it out. Even if you put 5$ at stake for a weight loss goal, it can motivate you to push it harder.

83. Don’t shop hungry. Running inside a grocery store with an empty stomach is a sure recipe to buying the foods you crave. Whenever I went into a grocery store with an empty stomach, 80% of the time, I bought pastry (the food I crave for – high in calories, and fat). Don’t do it. Eat something before you go shopping for food.

84. Make a shopping plan. If you go inside a grocery store without knowing exactly what you need, I can bet you will buy things you were not thinking about buying. Everything inside a grocery store is intelligently arranged so it makes you buy more. They pump related food items close to what you buy. Guess what? Noting down on a piece of paper, and then going to grocery store, will save you from buying food you were not planning.

85. Use a pedometer. Whenever I want to motivate myself to go harder next time I run or walk, I record the steps I take, and next time I go out, I try to beat that number. This is the same strategy I used when I lost 8.6 pounds in just 4 days. I was trying to hit at least 8000 steps every day. Because of the pedometer, I did even more.

86. Sign up for a newsletter. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a good resource when it comes to fat loss or muscle gaining. But when you find it, check out their newsletters. I am not trying to imply that you should sign into mine. It is your choice. I took it to the next level. I created a course that helps you achieve your goals by taking care of the mindset mistakes that are limiting you whenever you want to achieve something, and which helps you construct healthy fat loss, and muscle gaining habits. If you want to take a peak, take a look at the sidebar, and click the image, or click here (hint- it is completely FREE).

87. Check the internet for easy recipes. Add some variety when you cook. Check for low-calorie recipes on Google. The internet is packed with these recipes.

88. Fill your plate with protein. Aside from being the building block for everything in your body, protein is very satiating. Your body also has to work harder to digest it, and that burns additional calories. You can’t overeat on protein.

89. Take the stairs whenever you can. Did you know that climbing stairs burns around 10 calories every minute? Small things add up. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs every time you have the chance.

90. Get an activity monitor. Even as a fitness professional, I always use an activity monitor to watch my overall activity for the day. It helps me improve my walking time, burn more calories, track what I am doing fitness wise, and as a personal alert when I need to go out and move. I use Fitbit for this. Click here to read more about it.

91. Avoid the spot reduction mindset. I previously talked about the spot reduction myth. It doesn’t work. It is proven by research that even if you do thousands of abs every day, you will only burn extremely low amounts of body fat. Focus on training your whole body when trying to lose weight.

92. Attain your ultimate potential. You have at least two choices when it comes to your body. You either leave it as it is, or you challenge yourself to bring it to its best form. I am working on bringing my body to its best form, for years. And I’ll not give up even if I attain that form. It is a way of life.


93. Avoid people that get you down. You have to accept that not everybody wants your well-being. There might be people that will tell you “You can’t do it”. Don’t let yourself influenced by them. Change the subject, or ignore them.

94. Hack your weight loss. Cooking the smart way will ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by a long cooking process. No matter what you chose, hack your cooking time:

You can have a healthy breakfast in under 3 minutes:

Eat hard boiled eggs without peeling them:

Or maybe take a bite from the world’s easiest dinner recipe:

95. Don’t change the formula. I always tell this to my clients, or people asking if they can modify something at a diet or training program. Just do it as it is. Training programs or diets that work are created by professionals. Follow the advice, and you can’t go wrong.

96. Think about the health side of weight loss. Indeed, you want to lose weight. You want to get the body you dream of. But you also have to take care of your well-being. What’s good in a good outer shell but a rotten inside?

97. Don’t stress over it. Many dieters enter a mind state in which they are constantly thinking about weight loss. They life will revolve around this single thought. Don’t do that. You will only stress yourself, and lose focus of the other areas of your life. Think about it but don’t make it your only reason for breathing. Don’t let this weight loss goal to affect your personal life.

98. Make some changes. Maybe it is the time to make more changes in your life than just weight loss. Get a taste for small improvements in your daily life. Small wins. See how it feels. Maybe get a haircut. Buy some new clothes. Join a fighting club. These small personal wins can motivate you to continue losing weight.

99. Know your local area. Whenever I move from an area to another, or go to another town, I search for gyms that are the closest to my spot. That way I can ensure I don’t spent too much time driving to the gym. I get inside fast, train, get home fast to eat.

100. Don’t overdo reading about weight loss. Right now, there are about 115,000,000 results on Google when I type “how to lose weight”. You can probably read your entire life about weight loss, and still not finish reading it all. Don’t get lost into all this information. It’s hard to separate good advice from bad one. Just go with small steps forward. Join a gym, start a training and diet program, read this site.

101. Read motivational books. Losing weight at first is easy. It gets harder, and harder, as you progress to a leaner body. There are times when you will hit a plateau. What if you get demotivated, and think about giving up because you think it doesn’t work for you?. It can happen to anyone. It happened to me too in the past. How did I overcame this? By reading motivations books, and watching motivational videos. Here’s one video that motivates me to push my limits:

102. Lose weight, and focus on your life. Don’t make weight loss the only thing that matters in your life. You’ll stress yourself too much, and that can potentially make you fail. Don’t let it consume you. Don’t forget to take care of other areas of your life.

103. Eat a carrot when you are too hungry. Seriously. This works. Carrots are low in calories, and are nutrient rich. Not many people know about this. In my last attempt to reach low digit bodyfat levels, I ate a carrot almost daily. I used it as a last resort for when I was getting hungry so I wouldn’t eat anything else. A cup of water after a carrot will add to satiety.

104. Don’t eat in large groups. Research studies show that eating with other people makes us consume more calories than eating alone. These findings are interesting because they show that the more people you eat with, the more calories you’ll ingest. The takeaway? Avoid frequent group eating.

105. Eat foods high in water content. Watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, other vegetables, and fruits high in water content, can help you reduce overall calories when consumed before, during, or after a meal. This is proven by research done at the Pennsylvania State University.

106. Chose the sugar-free version. If you still want to drink Pepsi or Coke, chose the light version. I don’t like any of them because I consider them empty calories. But if it were for me to choose one to have a drink, I would always go with the sugar free version. While it doesn’t taste as good as the sugar version, it has 0 calories.

107. Outsmart your cravings. Before you put food into mouth because of cravings, ask yourself these two questions: 1. Do I really want to do this? 2. Am I really hungry? Think good about these two questions, and write the answer on a piece of paper. Chances are you will quit eating once you answer these questions. Realize that your goals are more important than just a basic human instinct like eating.

108. Use low-calorie flavorings. Replace butter, and creamy/sugary sauces, with no fat or low fat seasonings like salsa, hot sauce, Cajun seasoning. You get the flavor without the added calories. Win-Win.

109.Make it automatic. Get accustomed with dieting, and training. Make it a part of your life. Don’t treat it as something external. At first, you’ll remind yourself to go to the gym, and eat right but as you continue doing this, you’ll make it a habit.

110. Don’t exaggerate. It might be tempting to fall into the negative mentality of go big or go home. This is the same mentality that gets you into crash dieting. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t embark into long hour workouts with grueling cardio sessions 7 days a week. Stay safe. Go slow and steady.

111. Reward yourself. Whenever you reach a goal, reward yourself with something small. Maybe eat a small portion of cheesecake in a weekend, as a reward for loosing more pounds than you expected. Just don’t try to do it weekly. Once a month is enough.

112. Ask for feedback. Whenever you feel like you progressed, ask for an opinion. Ask a person that knows you for a while. Let their compliments motivate you into trying harder. And if the compliments are not there, they will still motivate you to try harder next time.

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I’ll break the ice, and answer the question. For me is: 4. Set a clear goal. Setting up a weight loss goal was the most important strategy I applied for my weight loss because it helped me stay on track, measure, and adjust my progress so I could reach my goal.

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