Hypnosis For Weight Loss Review – Does It Work?

big hypnosis clockWell oh well.. hypnosis for weight loss review.. duh.. this is an interesting subject and you might be quite shocked to see what is the conclusion this subject.

I will try to make a no bullsh*t review of hypnosis for weight loss that will tell you if this is worth your time or it is just another bogus that is starting to be exploited by doctors all over the world to fill their pockets.

A therapy session of hypnosis for weight loss usually costs between 110-150$ and that’s why there are so many people that are trying to learn if it actually works or it’s just a waste of time and money.

Before I start going more deeply into this subject, you can see for yourself an example of a TV show called Dr. Mehmet Oz in which a doctor is doing a therapy session with a public person.

The underlying principle is that by inducing hypnosis in a person, you can “program” that specific person for weight loss.

You might be tempted to think that this hypnosis thing has something to do with a person swinging a watch in your face and waiting for you to fall asleep while he will magically hypnotize the fat in your body to melt away while you are doing nothing and feeling better every day.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Review Video

PS:  The video is only for educational purposes and it shouldn’t be used as a proof that this works

You saw the video, right?

It amazed you, and from the stories of those ladies, you are almost sold into believing that it actually works.

Well, doctor Oz is also a good speaker and from what I can see, he knows what he’s doing.

So why are you getting the feeling that I am going to tell you something that is not really what you wanted to hear?

Maybe you came here hoping that you will get the answer to your weight loss problems without doing any exercise, without trying to diet, and being unable to eat all that good food that’s sitting in your fridge and it’s yelling at you: “eat me, eat me”.

Well, you are right.

You still haven’t found the “magic bullet” or “utopia” regarding weight loss, and the truth is that you will never find something like that because it doesn’t exist.

But what you should really be grateful for is that you will get the absolutely and no BS truth regarding this matter so you won’t waste time and money doing useless hypnotherapy weight loss sessions.

But Florin, I still need my magic bullet, why did you told me that this doesn’t work and what I am going to do now?”

Well, I’m glad you asked this (or something along these lines).

First, let’s see what other people that tried hypnosis for weight loss have to say – actual people from bodybuilding forums:

hypnosis for weight loss tipss

hypnosis for weight loss

Yes, I know the writing on these pictures is small so bare with me.

As you can see, even open minded people that have tried this proposed solution say that it doesn’t work as advertised, it doesn’t magically strip fat from your body, and it won’t offer you a long term solution to anything.

Placebo is the main word that we can use when describing any 1 in a million person that thinks they have lost weight with this, and the reality is that all those bogus words about “reprogramming your mind” or “gastric hypnotic bend” or anything related to hypnosis, doesn’t really work as advertised when it comes to weight loss.

There is no scientific study out there to demonstrate that this actually works and nothing can really go over the energy balance equation which states that energy in vs energy out = result.


The solution to your weight loss problems is simple:

Eat less, exercise more, read my guides and I can guarantee that you will lose weight no matter what: without wasting time, without wasting money, without starving yourself, without inflating your head with bogus guides, tips and other “guru” stuff.

Alternatively, from the huge pile of fat loss books that I’ve read over the years, I made a top of the best books that will actually help you lose fat without getting you into all this hocus pocus things. 

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