Is Juicing For Weight Loss Just Another Diet Fad?

juicing for weight lossThe term juicing for weight loss has been around for some good years and frankly, nobody really gave people a true answer regarding whether  this really helps them with fat loss or it’s mainly more beneficial for other purposes.

What I will do now is to objectively analyze the subject for you and present the whole “juicing for weight loss” issue with the right “eyes”.

Before we get to the conclusion of this matter, we first need to start by analyzing the problem from as many angles as possible so let’s start:

What Is Juicing?

Without boring you to death with this simple matter, basically, juicing is a good method of extracting the juice from certain fruits or vegetables depending on the type of juice you want to obtain.

The end result will be a juice full of vitamins and minerals, perfect for… get ready… general health and well being.

What Is Juicing For Weight Loss?

As title suggests, this juicing diet will be the only thing you will consume daily for a certain period of time.

Why “Juicing For Weight Loss” Is Not A Diet Per Se

Of course, if we were to talk only about the benefits these juices can give you when speaking of micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals), a juicing diet would be one of the best micro nutrient “bombs” you can create.

But that’s all frankly… all these so called weight loss juices, are only micro nutrient bombs and in some cases, even caloric bombs (fruit juices in big quantities).

The truth is that the protocol of daily juicing cannot be considered a diet by itself because you are practically drinking juices all day long which can’t really replace a proper diet with a “healthy” fat and protein intake.

Keeping fat intake too low has its dangers (influences testosterone levels negatively, poor vitamin and mineral absorption and many other problems) and also these juices don’t really offer you any quality protein intake.

Protein is the building block of almost everything in your body and low intakes for some periods of time can be associated with anemia, tiredness, infections associated with a too low protein intake, bad texture of hair, etc.

Let’s not even talk about low protein intake when you are training and have some goals like gaining muscle mass or losing fat.

Low protein intake on a diet is a sure recipe to muscle mass loss, and when you want to gain weight by bulking, low protein intake will make sure you don’t gain any muscle mass.

Low protein intake is never a good thing no matter how you look at it.

Then another issue arises when we start talking about digestion.

Of course, you might expect that these juices formed from fruits or vegetables to be a good thing for your body (they actually are, I don’t want to sound like I am bashing them) but liquids in general tend to digest fairly quickly (there’s a difference between these juices and milk for example, which has a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats which tend to digest slower).

Conclusion To Juicing For Weight Loss

In the end, people that are looking to use juicing as a weight loss tool, will be disappointed.

Talking strictly about the effects they have on body composition, the answer is that these juices don’t have any magical effect on your fat stores.

They can’t keep fat off your body, they can’t burn the fat by themselves and they definitely can’t make you lose fat or weight if you don’t control your caloric intake.

If you wanted to use juices as an alternative to fat loss books (I made a review of fat loss books that actually make you lose fat no matter what), you will be again… disappointed.

As many people have find out, learning how many calories per day you need in order to lose fat is the first step you will need to take in order to start a successful weight loss “campaign”.

Juices are… well… juices and there’s nothing bad coming from them but you need to differentiate their effects on overall health (which is positive speaking of vitamins and minerals they offer) and their effects on body composition.

If you have any good juice recipes, you can share them with other people by commenting bellow.

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