The Secret Behind Kelly Osbourne’s “Miraculous” Diet

kelly-osbourne-before-afterI don’t usually write about celebrity diets but every now and then when I see something that looks interesting and from which you can learn something, I will put it  here and keep it for motivation. How about that?

That’s it.

Most posts about celebrity diets will be geared toward exposing the real thought behind their successful weight loss story.

I won’t get into who is Kelly Osbourne because you can easily find about her so let’s get straight into what she has done to lose 70 pounds of weight and how you can replicate her success even easier.

It wouldn’t be such a big surprise if we would see something like: “The Kelly Osbourne diet book ” or x-y-z diet show.

I don’t want to offend women but in general, they are the ones that are jumping too easily on the bandwagon of dieting, trying to copy “celebrity diets” which most of the time tend to be dangerous  but nonetheless..

The Short Story On Kelly Osbourne’s Diet Start

Keeping the introduction short, she lost 70 pounds in the time span of 4 years and managed to keep the weight off and she’s actually looking pretty good as you can see from this picture

If you do some fast math, 70 pounds in 4 years might not seem a lot to you – just ~17 lbs/year but she managed to do something that many of you will find hard: keeping it constant.

As I also talked in my book, consistency is the number 1 problem when it comes to dieting and this is attributed mainly to the fact that most of the diets out there try to create rigid patterns that force you change what you can eat in a radical way, and keeping up with the changes is most of the time an impossible task.

Diets like “3 apples a day”, “cabbage diet” or all sorts of “detoxify” diets will get you: impossibility to lose weight, keep it off and create a healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Osbourne’s No Nonsense Dieting Quotes

kelly osbourne diet quotes

I like the way she put it down for everyone; this is what consistency means: keep progressing or trying to progress no matter what!

Don’t try to cheat yourself into believing that the simple act of starting a “diet” will get you what you want.


Picturing the end result in your mind is important but the steps you take to get there are what make the difference.

kelly osbourne's diet quotes 2

This is another quote I liked and she pretty much nailed it. 

Eat the right way, train the right way, commit to keeping the change.

If you only look at this “change” as just another diet to get “slimmer”, the end result you can accomplish is most likely a temporary state of a slim body.

I say temporary because this is what happens most of the time and I saw this happening many times believe me: you can get to a weight you always wanted BUT after the “diet” is over, you will most likely return to your old ways of eating and activity. What happens?

You guessed: the fat comes back and you will be stuck in a vicious cycle of constant dieting

Another thing she said that I liked is: “staying slim takes work and there are no quick fixes“.

Well oh well, If I could make every person on this planet realize that putting some work into getting leaner is inevitable, I could make this planet fat free literally.

I hate to see that there are so many people out there searching for “magic pills”, “quick weight loss tips and tricks” or other bogus solutions, trying to avoid the “work”.

I say this because most people waste time searching and failing because of all the “lose weight quick” scams they get into, when they could use their time better and learn to apply something that can change their life for real.

Kelly Osbourne’s “Secret”

I pretty much laughed when I saw her statements on diet and training. Why?

This is serious, I was not laughing because they were nonsense, I was laughing because she is one of those people out there that actually discovered how easy is to lose weight and keep it off while doing simple training and dieting.

Her training is actually comprised mostly of half and hour daily cardio and some weights, yoga or pilates sessions and her general diet is comprised of 3-4 meals.

While her training routine is in no way optimal and she is most likely subjected to the myth of eating breakfast (yes, eating breakfast is a myth, you can read more here), the fact that she got up and did some additional activity while getting smaller food portions, helped her achieve this fat loss.

Something that everybody should be able to do.

I think that most of the media attention she got from her diet success was because of what she eats – I think that women quickly jumped to try and get her “secrets” when they heard she can eat “pizza” and still lose weight.

Well, there’s no secret, just calories ladies.

What Motivated Her?

A 60 seconds seizure she stated: “changed my life for the better, and I’ve worked pretty hard to get in shape but I will continue doing this not necessarily because being skinny is important”.

Some people really need a situation or a person to drive them for to a better way of eating and living but you have to realize that YOU are the one that can change the way you look right now. 

The world doesn’t need to come to an end for you to start, you don’t need to wait for a negative outside event to make you think twice about your health.

All you need to do is to take advantage of this moment and just start doing it, there’s no secret in Kelly Osbourne’s diet.

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