L-Tyrosine Supplementation, Benefits And Side Effects

l-tyrosineBecause I created nobsbb.com  to be a resource of no nonsense nutrition and training but also a place where I simplify them so everybody can take the digested information and using it straight away, I will take a few notes on L-Tyrosine and what it can do for you, if it is effective, if there are studies proving its effectiveness and conclusion.

What Is L-Tyrosine?

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid which is considered the building block of protein and cells and it is mainly created from another amino acid named phenylalanine.

Where You Can Find It?

It can be found in various food sources like eggs, nuts, beans, oats, dairy, meats, wheat, etc.

The main use for L-tyrosine when watching medical refference is to treat a disorder named phenylketonuria or PKU in which people having this disorder cannot really process phenylalanine properly.

It’s effective when it comes to depression, ADD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and the inability to stay awake or narcolepsy.

It’s effective in stimulating noradrenaline production (remember, I explained in depth why getting more noradrenaline is good for you in my yohimbine HCL article.)

Studies Proving Its Effectiveness

Some studies show increased focus and performance when looking at tyrosine administration in conditions of stress. Higher doses are used than normally recommended by supplement companies (over 6 grams) and lower doses are found to speed up recovery from amphetamine use.

Tyrosine can also improve multitasking (1), ameliorate depression (2), aid in cognitive performance if you have sleep deprivation problems (3), can increase plasma concentrations of catecholamines (4).

How To Take It?

Taken by itself, the effective dose is approximately 1-3 grams before exercise/dose. As with any other stimulant, I suggest you to first start with the lower dosage, maybe focusing on 500 mg at a time and go higher as its effects diminish.

Also, the reported effects are: increased focus, memory, concentration, recovery, easier pumps but they decrease in time with usage just like any other stimulant supplement.

Note: If you experience any stomach upset from taking L-tyrosine, I suggest you to split the dosage in two and take them 30-60 minutes apart.