Lean Muscle Formula Review – The Truth

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Another “magic bottle” or real?

To tell you the truth, I am always skeptic when I see new supplements hitting the market, even if I don’t really buy them all (it’s impossible for me to get every new supplement that hits the market and also I don’t have the space to store all the crap – sorry for the bad words).

I first heard of this supplement called lean muscle formula after a user sent me an email asking me if this supplement is really working as advertised.

Because I really want to help people make a good choice when it comes to supplements, based on their needs, I went ahead and checked their official website to see what are the claims this product makes and also what are the ingredients – I can pretty much tell everyone if a supplement is really genuine or not based on the ingredients it contains and available research done on that product (of course I filter research funded by their companies or pharma companies).

Visiting their official website, these are the claims:

100 percent natural picture 1

Alright, I like the word “natural”.

Then the next claims:

improved muscle growth burn fat safe performance 2

Increased muscle growth, burn fat faster, safe and all natural, boost energy levels, improved sexual performance <- my oh my.. this product should be one of those “holy grail products” that help you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

Let’s continue:

At the end of the page, with a small written text that I could barely see, you get this:

lean muscle formula reviews of the statements 3

The product is not verified by the FDA or any governmental agency, etc, etc.

Oh, I almost forgot, here’s the bottle photo with the ingredients so we can analyze the facts:

lean muscle formula  bottle photo 4

Alright so what we have here:

A flashy product that claims everything under the sun – I mean, the holy grail of fat loss and muscle gaining – what more could you want from a bottle of pills?

Their official page is full of ripped abs, “limited supply” arrows, and also unrealistic realistic before and after photo’s:

before and after lean muscle formula photos 6

The main ingredients of this product are: glutamine, L arginine HCL and some essential amino acids.

Now that we saw the claims, let me put out the facts:

Lean Muscle Formula Fact Nr. 1

First, you should always get skeptic when a product claims everything under the sun and all you get is a page full of ripped abs and a flashy looking bottle of pills – no exception, always!

That’s why you need to search for genuine reviews just like this – be aware that there are plenty of fake reviews out there done by people promoting their products with no intent of telling you the truth!

Also, I’m not against supplement usage because I also recommend only the ones that work BUT I can’t stand to see people getting scammed (click here to go to my recommended supplements page).

Lean Muscle Formula Fact Nr 2

When looking at lean muscle formula we see three main ingredients which I will analyze one by one and see if the claims they make are true:


This supplement is very popular among bodybuilders that still preach to this day that it builds muscle but you will see why that’s not the case.

Glutamine is an inessential amino acid that is mainly involved in immune system function – in this scope, it’s a good immune system strengthening supplement

glutamine claims on lean muscle formula 7

Any claims that glutamine is a muscle building and/or performance increasing supplement is nonsense and there are plenty of research studies that back up this truth but I’ll just state two of them (more than enough).

In a study (1)  which summarizes almost all of Glutamine’s effects, researchers discovered that glutamine is NOT directly responsible for: muscle mass increase, faster restoration or muscle or glycogen stores after exercise, skeletal muscle repair, increased focus/attention, increased memory and many more.

Another study (2) found out the same regarding glutamine supplementation – no correlation between muscle mass increase, exercise recovery and glutamine.

Alright so glutamine is out as a good supplement for muscle growth.


L Arginine HCL

Lean muscle formula also contains this amino acid which is marketed as a nitrix oxide production increase product.

The truth is that most of the research studies are using infusion which is not the same as oral ingestion which will render this product almost useless.

Also if you want a pump, getting in the required doses tends to induce diarrhea.

Even if you get the “pump”, a good pre workout meal with some carbs and protein and maybe some caffeine will do the same thing and even better so no point in wasting money on this.

Essential Amino Acids


I hope you are not buying into the essential amino acids story because you already get essential amino acids from your diet.

I hope you are eating well and by eating well, I mean your protein intake is in check. 

If your protein intake is exceeding 1g/lb, then EAA’s are mostly useless.

Lean Muscle Formula – The Final Conclusion

There’s no specific research done on this product to validate what they claim and neither other people posting positive reviews BUT based on ingredients and available research, this is just another product that will soon disappear from the market.

My conclusion is to tell you don’t expect this “fat burning and muscle gaining” supplement to do jack for your body.

You won’t get those claims, you won’t make progresses like they claim and you will really waste your money on this (that 14 days trial is just an excuse to make you a subscriber and get regular payments from you).

Instead, I would save and get a book that would teach you the proper way to lose fat or gain muscle mass the right way and I did a personal review of the best books available here.

If you still need supplement alternatives that are really doing something for you like helping you with gym performance, fat loss or general health, I made a review page with the top supplements on the market today: Click here for the best fat loss and muscle building supplements review.

Also, if you used lean muscle formula, what are the effects you observed?

A good testimonial from you could potentially save 100’s of people from wasting money on something that doesn’t work.

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