Lose Weight Without Dieting: The Truth Once And For All

Finding a method or practical application to a guide that close weight without dieting memeould help you lose weight without dieting would be as close to the holy grail of fat loss as possible.

Well, if you take some time and actually search around on the internet for methods that “should” help you do that, you will find 100’s of these so called guides.

You’ll see people swearing they lost weight without dieting and they will help you do the same but what they don’t tell you is that ultimately, losing weight still means you’ll have to do some changes in your diet.

They just package their “secrets” with other words.

Defining Dieting

How do you define dieting in general?

I’ll not get into scientific explanations of the word dieting and I’ll just write here my opinion:

I believe that most people see dieting as something that requires some secret stuff added or retracted from your normal eating patterns in order to make one lose weight. Dieting for these people means many meals a day, eating only the so called “clean food”, diet pills, detox pills, using “weight loss calculators” and also going countless hours in a gym.

Alright, so dieting is something hard, right?


You must observe that the discussion went in the direction of dieting and not “losing weight without dieting” and I changed the subject because this is the truth:

The first thing you must realize in order to get rid of all the circulating fat loss nonsense is that losing weight ultimately requires some changes in the way you eat.

Can I Lose Weight Without Dieting?

Anyone that tells you that you can lose fat without changing anything is basically lying to you and if you still buy into this type of advice, you will ultimately waste your time.

You need to calculate your calories (not in the conventional way) and you will still need to make some small changes to your diet but it’s effortless after you learn it the right way.

Any change to your eating patterns means that you practically “diet”.

You don’t need to be worried of the word “diet” because it is just a useless terminology. I actually stay lean almost all year round (yes, as you can see the pictures from my about me page or around the blog) with little to no effort at all.

How can I do this?

After years of reading and applying some principles of dieting and training, I can actually keep my six pack year round.

I don’t see myself dieting because it has become a worry free problem  for me for years now.

The Real Way To Diet

I hope I’ll help people stop getting fooled by “x stuff you must eat to lose weight without dieting”, “the secret sauce that helped me lose 50 lbs of fat” or schemes like this because what happens here is that people buy into this stuff, try it, waste their time because the weight either doesn’t come off or it comes only temporary just to make that same person gain it back faster.

Anyways, don’t get discouraged just because you will actually need to “diet” in order to lose weight, get encouraged because what I will teach you, will actually help you lose weight without even feeling like you are dieting.

If you want to start learning to diet the right way, you can start by visiting my new starting page in where I will point you in the right direction when it comes to dieting.

If you want to have my full support and get all my strategies, tips and tricks I use that got me lean and keep me like that year round, all compiled in a single place, you can check out my book the no bs flexible formula to six pack abs and hop in the private forum area (which is only available to people that start a journey with my fat loss method).

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment bellow or send me an email. I’ll gladly help you.

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  1. I have put on about 15 lbs. No I’m not over weight I’m unhappy with this extra weight. I have always been able to control my weight. Not now!! Never been on a diet. Hate them. The doctor & everyone says its an age thing. I tell them I won’t except that answer. BUT, I do need HELP now!! Thanks, Jackie

    • All you have to do is to “diet” the no nonsense way Jackie: exactly how I personally teach each of my clients. If you learn to do it the right way, you don’t even need to consider it a diet because it will be almost effortless.

      If you need help, feel free to send me a message and I will help you.


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