Why Magnesium Oil Spray Is NOT Effective As A Supplement – Transparent Review

magnesium oil sprayMagnesium is generally used to treat certain deficiencies, eclampsia and also hypomagnesemia.

That’s why people search for alternatives to magnesium supplementation because trying to take them from vitamins and minerals at a high enough level so the supplementation is active, is quite hard – magnesium is bulky and they want to make the pill small so that’s why most vitamins and minerals have lower magnesium concentrations.

Alright, so we have to search for other sources of magnesium and here’s where a magnesium oil spray comes as a salvation, or?

But does it work as advertised?

What Are Research Studies Saying About Magnesium Oil Spray

I find it funny how some supplement companies or “gurus” that don’t really know how to properly analyze a research study, start throwing the first one that comes into their face, showing a positive correlation between their product and supplementation and this is the same with this study that gets referenced over and over again:

This study supposedly demonstrated that bathing in Epsom salts is a safe and effective way to increase your magnesium and sulfate levels in the body. Great news but…

Even if this study smells like science, the thing is that the website that did the “research study” is actually promoting transdermal magnesium and that same specific study was not peer reviewed or published on a genuine health research website.

I really couldn’t take this study as genuine and you shouldn’t do it too because they can pretty much say whatever they want to there and the information is not verified.

I wonder how “controlled” was the study and if they didn’t put people to swallow some Epsom salt.. but anyways..

These magnesium oil sprays are based on the fact that magnesium is absorbed through the skin so body levels will increase.

The Reality

Transdermal magnesium is a joke. Why?

The only trace of absorption you could get from this supplement can be done by literally soaking in the stuff provided the fact that you have a proper magnesium compound and also by applying magnesium all over your body for an insane amount of time, multiple times/day – I don’t think this is worth anyone’s time and you don’t get a guaranteed absorption.


There are also people that are citing studies, trying to show that magnesium chloride can pass through the skin barrier.

If you take a look at this study and read the abstract, you can clearly spot that the skin barrier function was actually improved by magnesium bathing.

There is not a single line  that clearly states that magnesium passed through the skin and it is like that because it can’t really pass.

If ions could pass through your skin that easily, even the simple act of swimming through the ocean could potentially kill you.

I would save my money because this is just another overpriced scam. Why?

The explanation is simple.. somehow: the fact is that magnesium chloride which is a ionic substance, doesn’t really pass through the skin at all and the amount you’ll get by applying magnesium oil spray over your body or try bathing, is too insignificant and most likely none.

Going on the cheaper route, you can get some Epsom Salt, commonly known as magnesium sulfate, from a nearby drug store and try to soak in it but even if you do that, you are not going to get absorption transdermally.

The only way to drive ions through the skin is by using electric current – I don’t really think you want to try that; by the way, the process is called iontophoresis.

Genuine Magnesium Sources?

I get my magnesium from leafy vegetables, a good vitamin and mineral supplement and I don’t really have any deficiencies.

If I can do that, you can also do that.

The solution is way simpler than you might think: just take a quick run to a grocery store, get some leafy vegetables daily AND/OR make sure you get a good vitamin and mineral supplement.

Problem fixed.

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