Do You Know Why Meditation For Weight Loss Is NOT A Direct Fat Loss Solution? I Reveal The Truth

Buddism meditation statue - meditation for weight loss

Budda statue meditating in Korea – Borim Temple

Meditation is a spiritual practice in which an individual attempts to train his mind to induce a state of consciousness.

Did you know that the first reference on meditation has been found in the Hindu Vedas   which are large body of text originating from ancient  India.

The most famous Vedic explanation of meditation is “We meditate on that desirable light of the divine Savitry, who influences our piuous rites”.

I don’t know why but I am always fascinated by these wise sayings.. even if I don’t completely understand them.

Meditation benefits are segmented in three big categories and are as follows:

  1. Psychological benefits like increasing self-confidence, improving focus & concentration, increased creativity, developing will power, decreasing stress, decreasing worry, etc.
  2. Physiological benefits like lowering oxygen consumption, decreasing respiratory rate, decreasing muscle tension, less energy wasted, relaxes your central nervous system, etc.
  3. Spiritual benefits like keeping your perspective focused on certain important tasks, growing wisdom, changes your attitude towards life, increases the acceptance of oneself, helps with definite purpose discovery.

We are mostly interested in meditation for weight loss: is it possible or it’s just another fancy word to try and squeeze some media attention for some profit?

Study That Proves Meditation For Weight Loss Works?

First and foremost, I want to start with a popular study that gets referenced over and over again when it comes to meditation for weight loss and that’s the study  in which a group of researchers from San Francisco showed that meditation “MIGHT” be the key in helping people lose weight.

The word “might” is NOT “meditation makes you lose weight no matter what” so keep this in mind.

Well, the researchers took 47 overweight women and segmented them in two groups with both of them receiving certain training and diet advice but no specific dieting advice like meal plan construction or rigid dieting patterns: they just let them eat whatever they wanted.

The main meditation training revolved around the “mindful eating” subject, being trained to experience and feel the sensory experience of ingesting food.

The meditation sessions took 30 minutes/day.

The results of this study were clear (don’t jump into fast conclusions before reading the whole article): the group which used meditation as a way of losing weight actually lost weight and reduced stress levels while the control group (women that didn’t meditated) actually gained weight.

Alright so the results are pretty clear huh?

Not quite so..

What I don’t like about this study is that these researchers did not measured their total caloric intake,lifestyle, eating patterns, and other psychological aspects which apply mainly to eating.

And most of the studies done one meditating for fat loss are created in almost the same circumstance – there’s no particular study that studies fat loss with exact measurements (although, the answer is still the same).

The rapid weight loss experienced by people that use medication for weight loss might be because they actually learnt how to diet properly from the lessons they were given, maybe the group started being more conscious about their condition because of meditation or maybe they had greater motivation to start with.

Psychological issues are important for many people and they may even be more important than “finding the “magic” weight loss diet but what you have to understand here is that meditation for weight loss is not THE direct answer.

Yes, meditation works, it can motivate you to actually do better compared to normal people that don’t get motivated but you still have to watch what you are eating and how you are training because you can also get fat even if you use meditation as a fat loss solution.

Is meditation nonsense?

Meditation is actually beneficial mainly for reasons stated in the first paragraphs and it works without a doubt if you want to to relax, motivate yourself, relief stress but meditation for weight loss used as a solution is NOT reliable.

You can pretty much lose weight easy even without meditation.

It should be just another tool in your arsenal but NOT the solution.

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