Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Is It Really A Scam?

six-pack-shortcuts-photos-landingSix pack shortcuts is a training and nutrition material and I say “material” because most of the program contains separated video modules.

Who Is The Guy Behind This Pogram?

This guy’s name is Mike Chang and from how he looks, he seems to be a bodybuilder (not so “natty” but let’s stick to our review).

Surfing on their page where the system is being sold, I noticed that same clues that makes my BS meter pump.

Skinny guy to huge guy, fat guy to fit guy, six pack “secret” systems, the afterburn effect, WAIT:

the afterburn effect explained

Here is another clue that many of these “snake oil” sellers are clinging onto and there is always some unusual term that is being over-emphasized just to make it sound “advanced” and top notch, when in fact the “after burn effect” as they put it down is nothing but EPOC aka post exercise oxygen consumption which is a usual process and really doesn’t matter at the end of the day for body composition.

Alright, so after I purchased their product and started watching the getting started video, I’ve heard something that was interesting enough to put it here so everyone could see it: “We are cutting through all the BS, through all the crap that doesn’t work” .

Another thing that I liked in the welcoming video was something along the lines “go into the gym, get in and get out fast“.

He preaches that a nice workout time period would be at around maximum 45 minutes which is good enough but that’s not a rule at all.

Until here, everything is fine, everything seems legit as I like his starting suggestions BUT let’s also see what’s inside the program and what are the main characteristics (you will be amazed what I find .. duh).

So the main components of the program that you get are:

  1. The main program in 4 phases
  2. The cooking module
  3. The exercise vault
  4. The intro video
  5. A Mike Chang six pack shortcuts workout style pdf
  6. Zero-Will Power eating system (lame name by the way)

When I took a look at their system, I thought: “how on earth are these guys such a hit on the internet when in fact you can get gold information when  compared to what they offer you and most of it for FREE!“

Six pack shortcuts “system” is basically just another full of BS course that only a complete newbie could see it useful.

The exercise database is in no way done professionally and the form used in most of the exercises isn’t explained properly, take a look at this deadlift setup:

deadlift instructional six pack shortcuts

If you’ve read my deadlift tutorial, you would know what is wrong with his starting position so if Mike Chang can’t coach his student properly when he is aside him, then tell me how on earth could he couch you with just some videos that are poorly done ?

The bar should always touch the shins Mr. Mike Chang! duh…

Let’s not even speak about cooking or dieting program..

The cooking module is also too thin and doesn’t contain anything ground breaking.

The training program that they outline is good for a monkey and there are many alternatives that are at least gold when compared with his program (hint-check out the link at the end).

What I Like About Six Pack Shortcuts – Review

The single “module” that has some truth in it is the supplement module and I see this blaming on the supplement companies too often (almost in all the diet books I review).

Basically, they tell you the same BS just like the others: supplement companies are bad, don’t use supplements, blah blah just to gain some trust.

What I Don’t Like About Six Pack Shortcuts – Scam?

  • The snacking recommendations by Mike Chang
  • They talk about good foods versus bad foods when in reality only calories matter at the end of the day – read more about clean eating and get back here after that
  • They still think that liquids have a big impact on our six pack abdominals – in reality and I’ll say it again, total body fat matters when you look at your abs.
  • Their “useful” Tupperware tutorials – duh, basic and common stuff
  • The training material is beginnerish at best and isn’t worth the investment – I can get better advice on youtube
  • The videos are plain unprofessional – this doesn’t even matter because I care about the content inside but I had to say this
  • The Olympic moves are being taught the wrong way and potentially dangerous to a newbie
  • The cooking modules are plain useless (they cook some chicken, meat and potatoes, so let’s be serious)
  • The eating guide named “Zero-Will Power eating guide” is not only useless but it also has some common BS that you can find these days in these courses (meal frequency myth) <- read about it and come back

Conclusion On Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Review

The conclusion is that this Mike Chang is a good marketer but a not so good trainer as he wants you to believe.

He also spams the hell out of youtube with his “5 min belly fat DESTROYER” type of titles that are good for a laugh.

My only regret is that he went so popular because everyone started promoting his BS just to earn a quick buck and with all the advertising he went through, he did a good job.

I hope I helped you make a good decision and stopped you from wasting time and money on something that is at the utmost beginnerish level (beginners can grow with anything seriously).

I got his program, saw what it contains but I am not impressed. 

It certainly explains some of the general issues a dieter has problem with but nothing “cutting edge” or as advertised.

It’s just a regular program that still contains average quality material that won’t really get you to “six pack abs”.

Over the years, I tried many diet programs and the books I personally tried, had results and recommend can be found on this page: click here to see my recommendations.

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  1. scooby196I says:

    I think the program is pretty good.

  2. Hi,
    I’m not talking to any of the comments here since I have not read any so please do not take into offense if this goes against you. I have competed in multiple weight-lifting and cross fit competitions around the Elk Grove/South Sacramento, CA area. I compete with a couple of friends of mine and I have to disagree with your Dead-lift technique. Out of my friends who do the same thing your saying to do and I out lift them because of either current back problems from bending over the bar. I use the same technique that Mr. Chang uses because it 1) does not ruin the nice “S-curve” in my spinal cord and 2) it shifts to full leg power not relying on your back at all. I am now out of competitions seeing that I have college studies to attend to but I can still lift a max at around 630lbs. My friends, whom I will remain unamed, have only now maxed out and PRd at 590lbs. All of us are attending different colleges but still keep in touch to see how we are all doing. Thank you

    • I appreciate you left a comment here. No problem with that. I am open minded and I like to discuss anything. While there are many deadlift techniques out there, there are many drawbacks into doing the one Mike Chang describes (you can spot them in the review + my deadlift tutorial).

      Now, it all depends on the lifters experience and time period he took to get to a specific lift. Maybe you are eating better, maybe you are training harder. There are just too many variables to take into account when comparing your deadlift with your friends deadlift.

      All in all, just do what works for you. I just want to promote proper deadlift form.

      Have a nice day and keep lifting!

  3. Thank you. I was intrigued by his marketing video too.

  4. Morgan challinor says:

    I gotta question how do you feel about deadlifting with a belt

    • I always recommend my clients to start deadlifting without a belt because it strengthens your back faster. But it all depends on your preference. If you want to lift more weight or just feel safer, do it with a belt.

  5. in your opinion what would the best and most efficient way to lose body fat and gain muscle mass. ive looked around at different reviews on different products and never realized how much hype he puts into his product. I considered buying his product. im new to this kind of stuff and need a good solid work out program

  6. Hi,
    to begin with, I already have no belly fat whatsoever, in fact, I think it runs in the family as my dad is barely bigger than me(and that’s mostly only by muscle growth) and my little sister is even skinnier than I am. I am part of what nowadays society calls: the lucky ones. Don’t really need to watch our diets, never gain a pound of fat, tall as f***.. anyways. What I’d like to know is what would MY starting point for a complete workout? I’m gonna buy my own equipment soon so I pretty much would like to know what I’ll need, and what would be useless.

  7. I bought this program 5 months ago.IT IS NOT A SCUM people.I have seen changes in my body and i am starting to see some good abs.Moreover diet is something that must be taken a lot into consideration,but don’t blame the program.It is very effective.Who ever hasn’t tried it and claims to be a scum i think he is just being envy of mike chang and his success.
    Take care.

    • I am being transparent, Sotiris. I would have probably benefited a lot more from making a positive review of this program but I like to be true with my readers. These is my personal view on this program. It can be good for someone that doesn’t know anything about nutrition and training, but I wouldn’t use it myself. Based on this, I recommended other programs.

  8. I bought this Mike Chang’s program more than year ago. And I have no 6pack till now. But still I think it was very much worth the investment.
    I lost 16kg while following this program (down to 86kg), gain some actual muscles, and if I were following his so called “Zero-Will Power eating guide” (which I dumped completely) I could have probably lost more. It’s probably not because his program is so great, but because the program tells you to workout every day, it gives you list of terribly simple excercises for the day in a form of video which one can follow, for most of excercises one does not need gym to attend, and he keeps reminding that the only thing that matters is that you work out hard.

    • Thanks for your insight Jan. Unfortunately, this program is by no means optimal. It might help you lose weight but at what cost? With his training program, you will surely also lose muscle mass. Also, his eating guides are not up to date with the latest research.

      Basically, it’s a simple program that “can” help you lose weight but it does it in a suboptimal way.

  9. Sojourner says:

    Thanks man, I am on youtube a lot for work and this guy kept popping up and I have to admit, I was curious…. I think you have done an awesome review and I’ll just stick with Beachbody for now =)

  10. The guy seems to engage in nothing more than whore marketing, as some wag on the interwebs put it. If you read the fine print of Mike Chang (and this is in the first paragraph, btw) it’s pretty obvious…

    “Consumers who use our products can generally expect not to see any increase in fat loss, muscle gain, abdominal definition, or positive results of any kind.”

  11. Peter Krasniy says:

    I have been only using mike changs sixpackshortcuts exercises for the last two years and he transformed my body completely so i dont think he is a scam at all and i will continue using his program

  12. Thanks for the review. It has stopped me from going ahead.

  13. Mike sure does like the powerblock adjustable weights…doesn’t seem like I can believe everything this guy says…what do you think Flo?

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