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jason-ferrugia-muscle-gaining-secrets-coverSearching through the pile of books I have collected some time ago, I wanted to review a good training book.

Most of the gold training books are the old ones, written by knowledgeable old timers. Most of what you see today released is usually rewritten by some muscle “guru’s”.

Muscle gaining secrets by Jason Ferruggia is actually quite a new book on training methods that was released in 2008. Up until now, everybody that got it is mostly satisfied with Jason’s training principles.

I usually say that books sold with names like “uber secrets to a slim body” or just like in our case “muscle gaining secrets“ are junk.

This book, despite its lame title, is actually a good one. You’ll see why…

Getting the last two pages out in which Jason Ferruggia describes himself, the book is packed with over 195 pages of quality information that will take you from not knowing anything related to training and nutrition, to quite intermediate-advanced training principles which you can instantly apply to start gaining some quality muscle mass.

What I liked about this book, is the quality of information presented.

Secondly, Jason presented all this information in a nice flow so anyone can understand it.

Most books we see today that offer the same bundle of information like muscle gaining secrets, have one main flaw: the information is not presented as it should in order for people to flow from start to the end in a perfect harmony.

MGS is different here because I can tell that Jason presented training information in a friendly manner.

What You Can Find In Muscle Gaining Secrets?

  1. Introduction on training
  2. Explanation of different training effects and how they affect your body (very important) – he explains in detail subjects like volume, reps control, intensity etc.
  3. Body by parts training – every bodypart (neck, shoulders, back, chest, arms, legs) and even stretching is explained in detail!
  4. BEST PART: the training programs that Jason Ferruggia presented in his book are really good programmed, and can be used as written (don’t try to modify anything if you don’t know what you are doing because you will only ruin the good program Jason presented)
  5. Everything about cardio and recovery !
  6. Supplements explained in detail (good ones vs bad ones)
  7. Even training partners and music
  8. A detailed step by step approach to constantly gain muscle mass

You can get the ebook by clicking here.

From what you can see, I only have good things to say about this book. With one little exception:

muscle gaining secrets meal frequency bs

before and after training bs

Again, the meal frequency myth is present here just like in most of the dieting books. It doesn’t really matter because this is the only flaw I can find, and is easy fixed.

This would be the only bad advice you can find in this book. The rest of it is jam packed with quality information.

Who Is This Book For ?

  • If you are a newbie, than it’s a must buy (all the muscle gaining secrets are inside – you will gain muscle mass like no other)
  • If you are intermediate, this book is still good to get because it explains everything related to training and you can get some gold nuggets that will further help you progress when you want to build muscle
  • For an advanced/elite guy, this book would still be a good buy because he will have everything reminded, and kept portable for him to check any time something is forgotten (and who knows, maybe learn a thing or two out of it)

Jason further goes in giving you more value by throwing in some bonuses like the supplement report, exercise database, and much more.


Jason Ferruggia’s muscle gaining secrets, passes my no nonsense test and I recommend you to get it if you want to build muscle mass without nonsense. 

It as a great training book that is interesting to read, straight-forward, honest, qualitative and easy to follow. 

The programs presented will actually put some muscle mass on you if your diet is in check.

Remember: don’t alter or modify the training program unless you know what you are doing because it’s as good as it gets presented in the book.

If you want to read more about it or get it, visit Jason Ferrugia’s website by clicking here.

PS: Share the review with anyone wanting to pack some muscle mass and they will thank you first and me later…

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  1. I wanted to buy ferrugia’s book “muscle gaining secrets” but I wanted a good review that would tell me everything about it before I got it
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