Muscle King Pro Review – A No Bs Critique

muscle king pro bottle packMuscle King Pro is marketed as a testosterone booster which also increases libido, sex drive and muscle mass or at least this is what the producers of this supplement are claiming.

I searched for some real reviews of this product and frankly, everybody is promoting it without actually studying actual scientific evidence or real world testimonials that prove it to work.

Alright.. I don’t really like what I am seeing online so I thought that I needed to do a review that will analyze this product and make it transparent.

I am in no way associated with this product or the company that produces it and I will never try to promote or recommend products in which I don’t actually find scientific review and real world results that show it works (all the supplements I recommend can be found here).

Cutting all the talk, let’s get into it:

The claims that the producers are making are the following as seen on their official website:

muscle king pro product description review 1

Going down further on the page, there are more claims the producers are making

muscle king pro review benefits

Alright, we like what we see don’t we?

But let’s see what this product contains and if there is any truth or possibility that it can actually do the things the makers are claiming.

The first thing I observed when looking on the nutrition facts label is that the producers are listing all the ingredients in their academic form for example instead of the simple and well known arginine, we get the L-Arginine… it surely makes it appear rocket science.

Anyways, let’s see the main ingredients:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • L-Arginine Monohydrochloride
  • L-Citrulline

Frankly the first 3 ingredients are almost the same: Arginine.

It surprises me what are supplement companies capable and ready to do just to get more customers and in this case, they like to put down rocket science names on the paper just so it sounds like a steroid.


Alpha bladon’tknowhowtospell and monodon’tknowwhatcrap?

I wonder when they will ever stop trying to sound so futuristic or to trick people into thinking they are getting the latest rocket technology there.

Muscle King Pro Review – L-Arginine Ingredient

As I also analyzed in my article about lean muscle formula review, the thing with arginine is exactly the same.

It doesn’t really do jack for you in terms of muscle mass increase, libido increase or whatever claims they are making.

Most of the research studies (1) done on Arginine are using infusion and oral ingestion (just like in the case with this product) will render it almost useless.

The biggest effect that you can get from this product is a pump and this is true just in case the quantities are quite high (which is not the case if you look on the label).

I will suspect that your “possible” pump that can come from this product will mostly be placebo and induced by your brain just because you think that ingesting some magic pill will get you bigger.

The worst effect this ingredient will do is not do anything at all.

Also arginine fails to enhance any NO production in your body and it really doesn’t have any place as a NO enhancing product – supplement companied never learn this.

Muscle King Pro Review – L-Citrulline Ingredient

Studies done on Citrulline show that this ingredient might have some positive effects when it comes to endurance and soreness – basically a “recovery” ingredient but the exact effects are not known.

There are people reporting better endurance and recovery and people that swear they didn’t got any positive effect even after using Citrulline.

Muscle King Pro Review – Final Conclusion

I don’t really understand from where they got the “natural testosterone booster” increaser thing because there is no ingredient that can give you that along with the fact that when it comes to combining ingredients, there are no synergistic effects per se and you can pretty much copy the results of a supplement by taking the ingredients separately.

Anyways, the muscle king pro is just another crappy, over-expensive and BS supplement that you should avoid.

If I were in your place, I would really get a proven book that could help me with fat loss or muscle gaining, along with some good protein powder and creating.

I created a special page with the best muscle gaining supplements reviews in which I tried to make a top of the products that actually give you a boost in performance instead of wasting your time.

That’s all you need.


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